10 facts about natural penis enlargement that have been medically confirmed

The idea of natural penis enlargement has not been new for a long time, thousands of forum users have already discussed and checked all possible methodologies, and there are photos and videos that confirm the effectiveness of non-surgical methods. But, to be honest, the amount of information is so controversial that the question


is constantly in the air, and the only correct answer just does not exist. The team of our website, which has been testing numerous male enhancememnt products for ten years, decided to study the indisputable proof and facts about natural penile enhancement. These particular facts will help you choose the method, products, and approach to this important procedure. We spent much time looking through all official and unofficial information sources and listing in one article everything that you could hear in excerpts on television, read in the news, on medical websites, as well as in social networks.

So, what will you learn next?

  1. Official facts about non-surgical penis enlargement. What does the conventional medicine say and can it be trusted?
  2. What real experience and success has been achieved by men using non-surgical techniques?
  3. What clinical research of medications for dick enhancement confirm the effectiveness of the given methods and products?
  4. Is there a single universal method or strategy for penis enhancing that gives 100% result?
  5. Where can a guide on penis stretching using your hands be downloaded?
  6. Can reviews of penis enlarging products and methods, posted on thousands of websites, be trusted?
  7. Do penis pills differ?
  8. How much time does a non-surgical method of penile growth take?
  9. The review of the best penis health supplements

So, what do physicians say about natural male enhancement?

Let us discuss the well-known facts:

Fact #1



This fact is yet another confirmation that there is absolutely no proof or refutation of the efficiency of the given penis growth products or methods. Nevertheless, they lack an only medical justification, which causes speculations on facts and statements. Certain products bring a result, but each of them has to be checked separately. For instance, Vig RX Plus – the only pill for boosting potency and increasing penis length, published research works at once on its website that were devoted to the effectiveness and safety of their product.

You can go to hundreds of the official sites of supplements that do not have a single word about the published clinical research. Thus, how can you be sure of the result if there are simply no medical facts of the product effect? Therefore, selecting natural herbal drug as a method of boosting male potency, rely on medical facts and not on advertising slogans. Following this simple rule, you will not make mistakes in choosing a natural tablet. First, come points, then promises.

Fact #2



This fact about the average penis length is another proof that the average size is quite small if compared to the penis of an adult movie star. But this particular period shown by the actors is certainly what everyone wants. And it is not just a wish;

Women do consider the body and penis of porn stars attractive and, therefore, perfect.

Despite all those women’s assertions that length does not matter,

men with distinct sexual characters are subconsciously seen as more attractive and appear in sexual fantasies of 99% of women.

The question whether it is worth enlarging your dick is solved at once if you intend to play the role of a macho, a lover or merely a desired man.

Fact #3



This fact is a vivid example of the inefficiency and danger of such penis enlongation method as a penis ring. That is why it is critical to know medical facts while choosing a method and a way of erection enhancement.

Fact #4



We recall that the research was conducted for a particular product Jes Extender. The study does not take into account any other stretching devices. Since Jes Extender is a patented penis enlarger, there are no analogs to it. If you think that any penis extender device will give the same result, then you are gravely mistaken. When choosing any product other than Jes Extender, study the official research of the particular product. Apart from Jes Extender, Quick Extender Pro has been the one to prove its effectiveness. We do not know any facts about other products, and we could not find them either. Draw conclusions and select products that do not hide the clinical facts of their efficiency.

Fact #5


Comment: These include penis traction devices in particular; FDA does not refute their effectiveness. Rumour has it that one of the penis extenders quite soon can get the proper efficiency assessment, after which its sales and price will increase by several times.

Fact #6


This medical fact proves the effectiveness of using water pumps as a natural method of penis enlargement. The most popular products are listed here. Fact6_1


I would like to stress that methods of self-conducted penis enlargement using exercises and techniques do not guarantee a result and most medical assessments of using this approach as the only one for male enhancement lack support. The difficult thing is to do the exercises correctly; a consciously incorrect work on the erect penis can cause unpredictable side effects.

It is the main reason why extenders and pumps are recommended by doctors since their use is controlled by their technology. Exercises are not controlled by anyone or anything and can be done incorrectly. Meanwhile, practices and techniques are particularly over traditional since they are FREE. However, as it is known, not everything that is free, works. But those who do not want to use extenders, pumps or buy pills must spend many months studying and implementing penis enlargement techniques into life.


And these are real facts published in a credible medical periodical. Such small research was conducted by the Jex Extender company, whose product can be bought on the official website.

Fact #7

A study published in the Journal of British Association of Urological Surgeons found that traction methods were most effective in extending the length. http://www.baus.org.uk This research was reprinted by absolutely all companies that sell devices. Nevertheless, the confirmation of the effectiveness of the methodology does not guarantee that it will work and will be implemented accurately in each particular product. Every extender should have some features that make penis enlargement efficient and safe:

  • The device must have a universal effect on every penis (each penis has its unique parameters – length and width)
  • The device must be produced from hypoallergenic materials to avoid causing allergic reactions and turning penis enlargement into execution.
  • Each device must come with spare parts; they have to be available for purchase at a reasonable price
  • Assembly quality – do not buy Chinese assembly; extenders of the highest quality are assembled in Europe and the USA.
  • Control over the stretching force. Be sure to study how manageable the device for the effective penis enlargement is. The pressure must be high but not bringing any discomfort.

Fact #8


As we see, yet another credible periodical carefully states the fact of the efficiency of penis extenders if they are used correctly.

Fact #9



Such research proved the effectiveness of the penile traction methodology. It can be seen that it was conducted with a slight number of patients and showed modest results. But is there any other natural method apart from this one that guarantees at least some result? Just as expected – penis traction should be used with an effective product that can be selected on this page.

Fact #10


This medical statement gives natural methods of penis enlargement a chance for life and refuses surgical methods altogether.



This fact is an indirect proof of the influence of the increased blood level of the hormone testosterone on penis growth. This particular method is used in such products as Vig Rx Plus, Male Extra, and Extenze. Therefore, they are individually worth paying attention to. In conclusion I am glad that I finally put together all known and significant facts about herbal penis enlarging and boosting male potency, which shows the effectiveness of alternative methods.

Despite the fact that the official medicine does not support a single penis length enlargement method directly, even the surgical one due to its side effects, men got to hope that certain products and techniques increase penis size. Purely psychologically, increasing a penis by 1 cm inspires for the further result. The list of procedures and outputs that work:

  • Penis enlargement extenders aka Jes Extender
  • Penis pumps aka Bathmate
  • Herbal pills aka Vig Rx Plus
  • Penile techniques aka Jelqing and Kegels


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