10 male enhancement foods review 2018

When you have a date, you think what you should eat to have a sweet smell and not to scare your partner off – no garlic, no onion, no herring and the list is endless. But you should know that some foods do well for you at night by acting as aphrodisiacs and libido boosters. Take some of them and you’ll be a hero in the bedroom. You may consume these products individually or mix them with others. So here are foods that can promote your sex appetite and sexual performance.

1.    Raw oysters

raw-oysters-male-enhancementAn oyster is a classic aphrodisiac, which contains:
•    high doses of zinc that increases sperm and testosterone production;
•    dopamine boosts sexual interest and desire.

You may add oysters to your foreplay feeding your partner with them and letting her feed you. An unbelievable taste and sexy sucking will turn both of you on.

You should split oysters up and wash off any dirt and bacteria. You may put them on a bed of ice, squeeze some lemon and start your dinner.

2.    Celery


Celery usually is not the much product you think about when you want to have sex. But this vegetable is an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients that enhance your sexual stimulation. It contains an odorless hormone called androsterone that is released through men’s perspiration and spice women up.

You are recommended eating celery raw or drink its fresh juice to get the highest effect.

3.    Bananas


Bananas are fruits high in bromelain, the enzyme that is reported to boost sex drive and combat impotence in men. They are excellent sources of potassium and vitamins B, including riboflavin that can enhance overall energy levels in the body.
You may undress bananas and put them on your dish having made impressive figures. Let your woman eat them and allow her to feed you.

4.    Avocado


The avocado trees were called by the Aztecs as “ahuacatl” (a testicle tree) as their forms looked like that part of the body. These fruits are indeed rich in folic acid that metabolizes proteins and promotes energy levels. They also contain potassium, which supports healthy blood pressure and helps regulate the thyroid gland in women. Avocado is considered to be a rich source of vitamin B6 that improves male hormone production, vitamin E, and vitamin C.
As an option, you may cut an avocado in half, give a bath to your fingers, and let your partner lick them off.

5.    Figs


Fig is rich in amino acids that work by promoting sex drive and increasing sexual stamina. It is an excellent sexual stimulant that enhances pheromone secretion. The texture and scent of figs are pleasant and aromatic. Eating these fruits looks erotically.
You may consume up to five fresh figs before your sexual activity, or enjoy them during your foreplay and sex.

6.    Peaches, mangoes, and strawberries


These sweet, soft, and pleasant fruits are one of the best new toys you may use during your foreplay and sexual activity. They have beautiful shapes and structures and taste well – when you are using them for sex, they play an erotic role. Also, Peaches are high in vitamin C, mangoes are excellent sources of essential amino acids, vitamins E, and C, and strawberries contain zinc – all these ingredients increase sexual desire and boost energy levels in the body.

You may use the juices pouring your bodies with them or slice the fruits feeding each other and receiving great satisfaction.

7.    Almonds


Almonds are high in essential fatty acids ensuring the raw material for healthy hormone production in men. These nuts are excellent sources of nutrients like selenium, zinc, and vitamin E that help enhance sexual desire and improve the reproductive health. Almonds also have a pleasant aroma raising your sex interest and appetite.
You may eat these nuts raw without any salt, sugar or other sweetness, or crush them and add to your salad (with other foods that increase libido). You may also buy some almond-scented candles and light them at night to create a romantic atmosphere.

8.    Eggs


Eggs contain vitamins B5 and B6 that regulate hormonal balance in the body and relieve stress and depression. These two aspects play a crucial role in restoring libido. Some people consume raw eggs before their sexual activity to promote sex appetite and energy. Eggs are also considered to be a symbol of rebirth and fertility.

As any fish or bird eggs are high in B5 and B6, you may eat caviar or hard-boiled eggs before sex. You may also combine caviar and champagne with your fun in the bedroom.

9.    Liver


The liver is rich in glutamine, an essential amino acid that enhances the immune system and combats stress. You may think that this sort of food is not the most charming one, but by adding it to your daily diet, you and your partner will feel the difference immediately.

You are recommended frying liver with olive oil, onion, and spices, and add some sour cream to make your meal tasty and pleasant.

10.    Garlic


Are you surprised?

Though it requires some breath spray, garlic is a product that may spice your sex life up. This vegetable is high in allicin, the compound that dilates blood vessels and stimulates the blood flow to the genitals. Thus, it helps promote sexual desire.
It is quite hard to enjoy garlic scent and sex simultaneously. Therefore, you are recommended taking garlic capsules to achieve high results in the bedroom.

Now you know what your body requires to show its best during sexual activities and impress your partner. So, it is time to visit your local stores or supermarkets and go shopping. Have fun in bed!

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