10 simple steps to stop premature ejaculation in a few weeks

It’s 2018 on the road, but the problems in men’s sexual life are the same. It’s all about our physiology and our nervous system. We have decided to look closer on the methodology of premature ejaculation solving. You should be aware that PE is very common all over the world. It’s not a disease in general; it’s your ability to control your ejaculation.

Some men can stay very long and delay time as they want, but in most cases, men have a very few control over their orgasms because they are not trained for this.


How to train your penis, manhood to prevent early ejaculation?

There are certain techniques and exercises like Kegels. They are very helpful for men who want to feel his body, his sexual signals. It’s very important to listen to your feelings, to learn your sexual power. If you cum too fast it doesn’t mean, you’re weak or something. To learn techniques and exercises easily, it’s recommended to follow the special penis enlargement program called Erection Fitness

Think about those men who can’t reach an erection on demand, who can’t recover after an orgasm. It’s not you! So if your girlfriend makes any comparison with other lovers, ask her about their penis size, recovery time, etc. Do not even think you’re a bad lover. Because you can stop premature ejaculation problem using a combination of exercises, and supplements.

Here’s a simple program for you


1.    Learn Kegels, there are plenty of tutorials on the net
2.    Visit premature ejaculation forums and question and answers sites
3.    Stop eating fast food and drink alcohol
4.    Try to stay calm when you work, stop stressing all the time
5.    You need to relax every evening, just forget about your PC, iPhone, and iPad.
6.    Try to masturbate more often and hold your orgasm as long as possible
7.    Try to breathe easy when you’re having a sex
8.    Try to speak with your partner during sex, do not afraid to tell her you to need to rest
9.    Use condoms. It’s a common practice, less sensation means more time for sex
10.   Buy premature ejaculation supplements like Prosolution Plus, Delay, PrematureX, DuraMale.

There is only a few formula that works And now, the details You need to make Kegels only 5 minutes a day to get significant results in a few weeks; you can also expect for more intense orgasms, erection hardness. You can obtain a bladder control permanently. There’s nothing complicated with these exercises if you understand which muscle to target.


Lay down Kegel exercises when you begin. Contract your muscle for a few seconds to start. These workouts improve your ejaculation control fast and easy.

Questions and Answers

How many men are asking something on the net about their sexual problems? That’s right, millions of them. So you can find the answers everywhere, but you should be aware of the review sites that are trying to sell you pills, not to help. Yahoo Answers, Answers.com, Google Answers, Yelp, visit such sites like Mayoclinic and Webmd. Use only trustworthy resources to get the information from


Healthy food and drink

It’s very important for your sexual health, and you have to take care of your meal. Sexual health begins with your general health Do you feel stress in the office? Are you suffering from depressions? Take it easy, it’s just a job. If you can’t relax and just work normally, how can you satisfy a woman?


Masturbation is the only way to learn your sexual power

Do not afraid of early ejaculation during masturbation that tries to delay your orgasm, relax, start again. You can also masturbate before sex. You can prevent premature ejaculation if you breathe normally. This is the key to success. Try to not hurry while you’re having sex.

Do not afraid to ask your partner about her feelings, sensation. If you’re going to come tell her if you want to change the position, do it. Ask about what she likes in sex with you and just do it. Condoms help to reduce your sensation; it will make your sex longer. You’ve probably heard about different drugs for premature ejaculation like mentioned above. Use them for the period of 3-6 months.

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