5 Steps To Keep Penis Enlargement Track

What Is Penis Size Optimal?

Almost all men are sure that the size of the penis is what matters in their sexual activity. They think the longer penis they have, the higher satisfaction both partners experience in bed. But the facts tell quite a different story. The expert data show that an average penile length when erect is between 5.5 and 6 inches.

In a research where women were asked to estimate the role of the penile length within a sexual encounter, most of them said that a bigger phallus did not mean better pleasure and higher satisfaction. Women usually say that it is girth what matters. A vagina has a lot of nerve endings that are pressure-sensitive.


And a thick penis can touch all of them bringing incredible sensations. A penis with a larger girth can bring the clitoris closer to the vagina helping achieve an orgasm. How to Keep Penis Enlargement Track The most accurate and easiest way to know that you are succeeding in enlarging your little buddy is to take measures.

To understand if you have any progress, you are recommended measuring your penis once a month. This period is enough for you to take enlargement steps and for your body to process what it receives. Thus, you may determine if you achieve any growth and whether your method is valid.


You should not get upset if your gains are small, you may get significantly higher results next month. If you want to achieve your penis enlargement goals, you should apply effective techniques and use analytical testing. It will allow you to know what your body needs and what you should add or reduce. You will improve your exercises and increase their effectiveness every day and every month. So, here are five steps that can help you track your progress:


  1. Take your initial penis measurements and write down the length and girth you are starting with.
  2. Choose an exercise you think it is the best for your body and do it within one month. It may be hand stretching, jelqing, clamping, pumping, using extenders, stretchers or jelqing devices, etc. Beginners are recommended starting with hand stretching or jelqing.
  3. In a month of doing the exercise, take your penis measurements and write them down.
  4. Write down your daily activities of the training that have helped you gain more girth and length and.
  5. If an individual exercise works for you, keep doing it until it stops bringing effects. If you want to add another workout to your penis enlargement routine, you should be sure that it works for you (by testing it within one month). You should know that this technique will improve the results of the one you are doing. When you add a new exercise or device to your routine, you should repeat all these five steps and write down your data. By testing and choosing penis enlargement exercises in such a way, you will know what use can ensure the best results for you.

How to Maximize Penis Enlargement Progress


Here are additional tips that can help you increase your progress in making your little buddy larger and longer:

– Take pictures when measuring your penis with a ruler to have gain proofs;
– Do not rely on your memory (even when you have an excellent one) – note all your measurements and dates in a particular notebook or create a special file on your computer;
– Track your penis enlargement progress with the help of a calendar;
– Write down any information that may be useful for you: measurements, dates, types of exercises and their results, quantities of repetitions and sessions, periods of repetitions and sessions and etc.;
– If you have enlarged your penis, keep doing the exercise or applying the device until they stop working for you;
– Before you start any new exercise or take any new appliance, carefully read instructions, reviews, and forums and apply them safely and maximally correctly to avoid any harm, discomfort or pain;
– Do not proceed if you feel any pain – take a rest. Remember that your goal is not to hurt yourself but to enhance your body.


Now, you may proceed with penis enlargement and remember to keep your little body safe. Good luck!

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