What is the most advanced way to enlarge the penis permanently?

Having a larger, firmer, and stronger penis is a dream of hundreds of men around the world. And this issue has bothered men for ages. If you look through the history, you will find out that the penis size has been important in various ancient cultures.


So, today’s male enhancement industry responds to the men’s demand and offers a great variety of penis enlargement products in any form. And they are very famous – men in the whole world would be happy to get back their self-confidence and powerful sexual performance.

The short penis can lead men to stress, depression, low self-esteem, shame, the absence of desire to have sex or loss of sexual performance. It can sour the relationship with your partner causing the feeling of insufficiency, misunderstanding, and sexual problems. Sometimes, men are rejected due to the small sizes of their penises. And that is the worst men can experience in their lives.

If you think that your phallus is too small, if you do not experience sexual satisfaction, if your female partner is not enjoyed with your sexual performance, it is time to think about male enlargement products and choose the one for you. Nowadays, there are a lot of male enhancement advertisements, which you may find in magazines, on the Internet, TV, etc. You have penile stretchers, pumps, patches, supplements, creams, and sprays to choose. Let’s see in detail how they work and what they offer.

Penis Stretchers to Enlarge Penis


A penis stretcher (or extender) is a traction device designed especially for men to increase the size of the penis. It has a long history and is available in local stores or on the Internet.

It is very easy to use extenders like Quick Extender Pro or Phallosan Forte. You should put it on your penis through the ring that goes to the base of your manhood and adjusts the sidebars to the length of your penis.

Then, you leave it on your penis for at least six hours a day. If you feel no discomfort, you may go with the device to your work or relax outside your home.

The extender works by applying constant pressure to the penis. It allows stretching the penis and, thus, making it longer.

A lot of men report that they have succeeded to increase their penises up to 2.5 inches. However, the results may vary as our bodies are completely different. And remember that extending the penis with a traction device requires time, efforts, and dedication – nothing comes overnight. You may need six or more months to gain the heights.

A penis stretcher is a penis enlargement method based on natural techniques and is more efficient than traditional enlargement procedures. You may combine extenders with supplements, creams, or exercises to achieve better results.

Natural Supplement to Enlarge Penis


In recent years, we have evidenced a great variety of pills claiming to recover masculinity in men, boost their libido, improve their sexual performance and – what is the most effective – enlarge their penises.

Supplements offered in the male enhancement market are made of herbs used through the centuries to enhance men’s health. They may contain L-Arginine, L-Tyrosine, Horny Goat Weed, Damiana, Tribulus Terrestris, Maca Root, Korean Ginseng and others.

Products like VigRx Plus or Prosolution Pills work by stimulating more blood to flow to the penis targeting penile chambers. They contain the blood – and the more blood flow to the penis, the wider penile tissues become. Thus, your manhood can become larger and stronger during erections.

The period during which you should take these supplements may vary from two months to a year. The manufacturers usually recommend using the pills within three to six months on a regular basis. They may bring some immediate results, including higher libido, better erections, and longer-lasting and more explosive ejaculations. Penis enlargement will take longer time. If you combine the supplements with penis enhancement exercises or devices, you will achieve faster results.

A lot of manufacturers make sound promises, but you should be careful when making our choice. There is an enormous amount of scams that will not improve your manhood but aggravate your health. You will find a lot of phony websites telling that their products are the best but have nothing to offer in the real world. Besides, fake products will also disappoint your girlfriend or wife who is waiting for fantastic sexual sensations.

Exercises to Enlarge Penis


Penis enlargement exercises are considered to be the best, safest and most robust method to make the penis larger and firmer. A lot of men looking for an effective enlargement product resort to this solution and report that it is true.

Workouts are an excellent solution for guys who do not believe the male enhancement industry and do not want to use natural supplements, pumps, or other traction devices. They require no chemicals or unnatural measures and can add two inches to the length of your penis and up to 20% of its circumference. So, if your penis size is five inches and you add two more, you will be above average. Amazing results!

There are a lot of exercises, which can help men make their manhood larger, including the Kegels exercises, the jelqing method, the backward method, the opposite pull, the circular rotation, and others. However, you are recommended following unique penis enlargement routines developed by experts. If you prefer the exercises, you should follow all the instructions not to cause harm or injuries to your penis. And remember that you should not experience any discomfort or pain, otherwise stop doing the exercises immediately and give your penis some rest.

Creams and Gels to Enlarge Penis


Penis enlargement creams and gels(Prosolution Gel, Vig Rx Oil) are topical solutions designed to enhance the health and the size of your manhood. They are formulated with the extracts of herbal ingredients used in alternative medicine. Some of them are L-Arginine, L-Tyrosine, Damiana, Horny Goat Weed, Maca Root, Tribulus Terrestris, and Korean Ginseng.

You are recommended applying the creams directly to your penis on a regular basis or only when you need them (it depends on the manufacturer). They can improve your erection or delay ejaculations. However, such solutions require a lot of time to show its effectiveness.

These products are less effective than natural supplements and are recommended for those who can’t take pills.

Patches to Enlarge Penis


A penis patch called ProEnhance is an innovative technique in the male enhancement industry that offers men a quick and potent solution. This new patch system ensures a safe and efficient increase in the length and circumference of the penis with no embarrassing doctor visits, prescription, pain, discomfort, or schedules.

Penis enlargement patches are based on the transdermal system packed with natural ingredients. The patch is applied to your body (an abdomen, hips or as instructed by the manufacturer). It releases directly through your skin nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which go directly to blood and effect all the enhancement processes.

However, patches are less effective than natural supplements, but they are recommended to those who can’t stand taking pills.

Pumps to Enlarge Penis


A vacuum penis pump is a simple device designed a long time ago to enhance the size of the penis. This device includes a cylinder where you place your penis and which creates a vacuum inside. It causes pressure increasing the blood flow to your penis, extending penile cells and developing new penile tissues. These days vacuum pumps are replaced by safe and effective hydro penis pumps (Bathmate Hydromax and Penomet)

This method is very practical and useful for men suffering from inadequate blood flow and weak erections. Penile pumps help make erections firmer, stronger, and longer lasting and treat penile curvature.

They are recommended for penis enlargement in rare cases. There is no evidence that this product ensures permanent enlargement results. Besides, you should be careful as using a penis pump for an extended period can lead to dependency, and you may never achieve an erection without this device.

Weights to Enlarge Penis


Penile weights have been used by men for hundreds of years. In the ancient times, men used stones or other similar staff attaching them to and, thus, stretching their manhood. So in other words, applying weights means extending your penis.

To achieve some results, they are hooked on the head of the penis. But be careful as science has proven that this method is the most dangerous one. The weights may cause damage or injuries to your penis, make your erections weaker, or make your manhood lean. If you are looking for higher sexual sensations, these devices are not for you.

Phalloplasty to Enlarge Penis

Penis enlargement surgery is considered to be a fast method to gain the desired results. Phalloplasty can help increase the penis in girth (by injecting facts) or in length (by releasing the suspensory ligament).

However, phalloplasty is recommended for penis reconstruction purposes only. This procedure is very expensive (up to USD 10,000) and cannot guarantee any results. Also, this surgery is hazardous and dangerous – the results may not be worth the pain and complications you can experience.
Thus, it would be safer and better for you to use natural methods that can help you enlarge your penis by 2 or so inches for a lower price.

Hypnosis to Enlarge Penis


Nowadays, we are offered a lot of types of hypnosis claiming to help us improve our health in different spheres. Hypnosis can help you quit smoking or relieve depression.
You can buy CDs or books, ensuring you to enlarge your penis, in local stores or on the Internet. However, you should not believe any promises that you can get a larger and fuller manhood through the hypnosis. The truth is that this method is entirely ineffective.

Bottom Line

Based on the mentioned above, you can see that natural products are the most effective and the safest penis enlargement methods. If you choose a solution that is actually for you, you will feel unbelievable sexual sensations and satisfy your partner as never before.
Medical studies demonstrate that a penis stretcher is the best option for men to increase the size of their penises. You may combine them with penis enlargement supplements or exercises to speed up the growth and expansion of your manhood.

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