Which penis pumps is the best to treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Forget everything you knew about penis enlargement pumps if you have not heard anything about Bathmate.

Think about it, since 2007, more than 1,000,000 men have been able to enlarge their penis with this pump. Why did not you hear about it? Let’s figure it out.

So, ordinary top rated vacuum pumps for penis enlargement are sold in any sex shop; there are hundreds of them, and they are all the same, and they all do not work. It’s not just one opinion as everybody say the same on forums, communities, social networks and medical websites.

Hydro pump is a fundamentally different pump. Its action is proved by medicine. If more than a one million men have increased the size of their genitals, it means it works, and it is completely pointless to deny it. It has already been said on all medical websites – yes, penile traction works. Yes, penis stretching also works. And this is a clear affirmation. It remains only to understand the phenomenon of the Bathmate pump. Is it possible that an increase in the penis without surgery is not a myth? Is pumping a driving force for the penis enlargement and will it be bigger? You just have to read it as we collected the latest facts from independent sources, which are fully confirmed by official information. Because there is nothing to hide as it really works.

It’s important to consider a variety of factors while creating a pump, due to which the increase in the penis should be not only practical but also comfortable. This is important, and these are two dependent dimensions. The materials of the device must be hypoallergenic, qualitative and there can be no question of some Chinese assembly and pumps presented on Aliexpress and other Chinese sites.


Bathmate is now sold in 90 countries around the world and is rapidly gaining popularity. There is so much noise today about this product and we ought to tell you about its properties and effects.

How does penis pump work?

So, where do we start with Bathmate? Just want to say that there are several types of pumps:




So, let’s start with the first, original HERCULES penis pump

The company patented its engineering sample, which means that Bathmate pump technologies cannot be replicated anywhere. This is a unique pump, and there is also no equivalent of its technology. It is made for use in the shower. Its specialty is in creating the right pressure to stretch the penis, and at the same time its impact is very delicate, and the pump does not create discomfort.

It is also worth noting that the use of such a modern pump is a real training for the penis, and not just only for its enlargement. When you go to the gym and do sports, you see not only how your muscles grow, but how the body becomes healthier, more enduring and you have a lot of energy.

With the use of BATHMATE HERCULES, everything is the same – you see how your penis becomes longer and wider, watch how the erection gets stronger and longer, the orgasms give more sensations, and you can have longer sex until ejaculation.

Training for the penis with the best hydro pump is important as playing sports. If the length of the penis seems to be insufficient for completeness of sexual life and self-confidence, you can make it bigger permanently and in an entirely natural way. The penis tissues have the property to stretch, just as your muscles can gain. These are the natural abilities that a man can and should use.


Now let’s look at the X-Series pumps, which are top rated

What are their features and why men choose it? For whom it was created? The peculiarity of this product is that you can choose the right size specifically for your penis. Imagine, there are three sizes for the much effective pumping – X20, X30, X40. It should be noted that X-Series is the next generation of Bathmate products following the original pump. Their cost is higher, but the efficiency is much better.


Now let’s consider the XTREME series

It also sold in several sizes: X20, X30, X40, X50. And this series is even more expensive than the previous one due to the possibility to archive a fine result much faster. Also, the kit includes a handy bag, and all parts are easy to transport in it. Even if you are going to leave and do not want to take bulky things with you, the XTREME pump kit will seem very convenient to keep during the journey, and you will not have to interrupt your routine.

The heart of the pump is a handball, which creates a high-pressure force without any unpleasant feelings. Perhaps this is the most efficient and expensive pump from Bathmate, which gives an incalculably faster and guaranteed result.


Anyway, Bathmate is not the only hydro pump on the market, as there are many more inexpensive analogs? First of all, Bathmate today is impeccable and become a quality mark in the market, and is worthy of the highest awards. When you buy this pump, you will not have any technical problems with it. It will be guaranteed to work because the quality of the materials used in manufacturing cannot be compared with anything. It’s just the best product on the market, and of course, it will be the most expensive.

Surely you have now a lot of questions about this product and the answers are paramountly important to you. The FAQ section on the Bathmate website collects all these questions and answers to them, and we recommend that you to view them so that you are finally sure in the advisability of such a purchase and be sure that your money is invested in something that will work and make your life better. Click here to learn more about how Bathmate Hydromax works

If this amount information seems to be insufficient for you and you want to conduct your research of Bathmate, there are several forums for penis enlargement, where hundreds of topics and thousands of posts are devoted to Bathmate.


Do you still think about what is the best penis pump?

Is this a pump for penis enlargement, an extender, the exercises such as Jelqing or maybe pills? Bathmate cannot be compared to any other product for penis enlargement, but other methods also work, just not as efficient and without guarantee of result.

This article with a review of Bathmate is designed to shed light on the guaranteed penis enlargement in a natural way. If you ever doubted that penis pumps are working, now you have no reason anymore to doubt. Go to the Bathmate website to buy.

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