What is the best way to enlarge penis?

Penis enlargement is an idea that haunts men wherever they live and whatever penis they have. But in most cases, money and options are those obstacles that delay a moment when men’s dreams can come true.

To be honest, penis enlargement requires a lot of efforts, time, and money. And it depends on your body and condition how much of them you will spend. The first a man should do is to define the right way of how to make his manhood larger. Thus, you will invest in your healthy and impressive sex, and the investment will repay in kind.

Penis Enlargement Options to Choose

Nowadays, the industry offers us three available and effective options, which men can apply to enlarge their penises. Let’s have a closer look.



Surgical enlargement is quite a popular though risky and expensive way to increase the size of your manhood. Lengthening usually requires the release of the suspensory ligament. The price for the surgery varies, but men are to pay $4,000 to $17,000 in average – for the enlargement procedure only. It is followed by post-surgical care and recovery period. And you should remember that complications can be adverse.



Today, the industry offers us a great variety of traction devices and hydro penis enlargement pumps designed to help men improve their sexual function. The prices are different – you may choose any that fits your pocket. An advantage is that the most expensive device is significantly cheaper than the surgery though extenders require a lot of time and patience. You should follow the instructions wearing them for several hours every day for several weeks or months to gain the highest effect.



You can find hundreds of exercises and programs developed to make your manhood stronger, fuller, and longer. There are actual proofs that they do work, but you should spend a lot of time to achieve the best results. And time costs much – most men prefer achieving their goal in the twinkle of an eye.

How to Choose the Best Option

A lot of men want to receive immediate results and, thus, choose the surgery paying crazy money and risking their health. Those who have more time or do not want to risk their health prefer devices or exercises spending a lot of time and efforts.
But in pursuit of larger and longer penises, men forget about simple things that can save their time, money and – what is more important – health. So, before you decide to change your manhood, we would like to give you some tips:

Talk to Your Woman


If you are afraid that your size is small if you think that you can’t satisfy your partner or if you simply want to have a more impressive penis, you should primarily talk to your partner. Please discuss your sex life though it may be strange and awkward. The problem can be in low libido, stress or medical conditions, or you may have no sexual problems at all. Then, forget about penis enlargement and enjoy your intimate relations.

Consult Your Health Care Provider

You are recommended visiting your health care provider specializing in male enhancement to receive complete information about potential results, advantages, and risks. The professional will provide you with detailed explanations and help you improve your sexual health.

Read Forums and Reviews


You are recommended looking through penis enhancement forums where you can find men’s reviews and their experience. They will help you decide whether you need to change your penis, how much you may add, and what option is better to apply.

Make Your Summary and Conclusion

Now, when you have your partner’s opinion, reviews from men who have experienced any of the mentioned options, and doctor’s recommendations, you can arrive at a comprehensive picture of the penis enlargement. Make the list of pros and cons, risks, and positive results and read it carefully. It will help you understand what option is the best for you and what consequences you can expect, or you may decide that you have an attractive penis that satisfies both you and your woman. It will save your time, efforts, and money.

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