What Can We Expect From Natural Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement is an issue that men will never get tired to discuss. Is it possible to make your manhood larger? How is it possible to increase your penis in length and girth? Is natural enlargement effective? And millions of similar questions.
Some men, including medical experts in 2018, say that the only way to make your penis larger and fuller is phalloplasty (surgery), and no other method – either medical or natural – will help us. However, we can find lots of facts that prove the contrary.

Let’s have a deep look at penis enlargement and discuss whether we have a chance without cutting our tissues.


What is phalloplasty?

Phalloplasty is the construction, reconstruction or artificial modification of a penis, including its enlargement in length and girth. Lengthening can be achieved by releasing the suspensory ligament that attaches the penis to the public.

The so-called experts who recommend the surgery as the only way to enlarge your penis will never tell you that your success depends on weight hanging in the post-surgical period. You can achieve no additional length if you do not burden the penis with some weight. However, the Second International Consultation on Sexual Dysfunctions said that the majority of men would not want to proceed with surgery properly informed of possible risks and complications.


They will be convincing you that no natural enlargement has clinical approvals and cannot be deemed as ineffective. But do not believe it! Some experts say that penis enlargement is impossible, but you have to check the facts.

And you should know that in 1960’s, there was a clinical study confirming that natural penis enlargement was effective – the Chartham Study. Dr. Robert Chartham, England, having performed his study, proved that natural methods did help increase the length of the penis.

Based on the trial, Dr. Chartham concluded that the best natural way to enlarge manhood was penis pumping while milking (or the so-called jelqing) was referred to as the worst method. The best penis pump today is called Penomet, here’s our Penomet review

Is an expensive surgery needed?

Why should you release the ligament by a surgical way and risk your penile health (soft erections or even possible impotence) when you can stretch it? And such stretching takes less money – you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars – and causes less harm.

Natural penis enlargement alternatives to phalloplasty

We can find a great variety of stretching examples in the world. The best example of extreme ligament stretch is Giraffe Women. These women from the Padaung tribe, Myanmar, are widely known for their extremely long necks. Girls start wearing metal coils around their neck when they are two years old. For years, some coils are replaced by longer and more turns are added pushing down the collarbones and lengthening the entire structure of the neck. In some cases, the neck achieves ten or more inches in its length!


Could you ever imagine that such a complex structure as a neck could be stretched? Don’t you think that all claims about impossible penis enlargement are fake?

And the best evidence of natural penis enlargement is men who have already gained the heights with their penis size. And it is high time for the so-called experts to realize that natural ways are not only possible but are an excellent alternative to dangerous and expensive phalloplasty. We recommend you to try penis pumps and penis enlargement devices like Quick Extender Pro to get fast and guaranteed results

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