How to combat low sperm count naturally


A low sperm count (oligospermia) is a condition when semen, which a man ejaculates during his orgasm, has less sperm than normal. It also means poor sperm quality. Men who have fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen are diagnosed with a low sperm count.

Nowadays, one in five young men suffers from oligospermia though sperm number usually declines after 40 years old. Bad sperm quality causes infertility in 20% of couples with fertility problems, and in 25% of couples as a contributory factor.

Most men being diagnosed with this condition get embarrassed, but it’s not a final verdict. Let’s talk in this article about what we can do to fight a low sperm count and how to get pregnant with it.

How to Diagnose Oligospermia

When you have been trying to conceive a baby for a year or more and had no success in it, you should visit your health-care provider. He will carry out fertility examination, including sperm tests to check its quality, count, and motility.
When you test your semen for the first time, one in ten men receives abnormal results. But it doesn’t mean that you suffer from sperm disorder. If your first analysis gives abnormal results, you should repeat the test.

To obtain accurate results, doctors recommend testing your semen in three months. However, if your semen contains very low or no sperm you should repeat the analysis as soon as possible.

Causes of Oligospermia


A low sperm count is often associated with certain genetic and non-genetic conditions, including:
•    The inherited genetic problem, for example, Klinefelter syndrome;
•    Hormonal imbalance, for instance, hypogonadism when your testicles produce fewer or no hormones (it is usually caused by Klinefelter syndrome);
•    Structural problems with men’s genital tract, for example, the tubes carrying sperm are damaged or blocked by trauma or disease;
•    Undescended testicles;
•    Varicoceles (vasodilation in testicles)
•    Genital infections, including gonorrhea, prostatitis, or chlamydia;
•    Surgical treatment of the scrotum or its surrounding area;
•    Use of certain medications, for example, testosterone replacement therapy, cancer drugs (chemotherapy), long-term anabolic steroid use, some ulcer drugs or antibiotics;
•    Use of drugs, including marijuana;
•    Exposure to certain chemicals, including pesticides.

Recently, researchers have suggested that taking Volume Pills or Semenax may reduce sperm quality and count. So, you should be careful with fresh products and use organic. But sometimes a low sperm count has no apparent cause.

How to Treat Oligospermia


  • Volume Pills formula, that really help to increase sperm count by 500%
  • Semenax pills, that work faster, but show the semen volume growth by 300%
  • Spermomax is a safe and proven pill, that is cheaper, but the results are awesome

Volume Pills formula is usually offered to couples who are trying to get pregnant for at least two years, and a man is diagnosed with low or no sperm count in his semen or bad sperm quality.

Some men cannot conceive a baby as they have a gene abnormality on their Y chromosome (a male sex chromosome). If this condition is not suspected, you are not required to be tested for it.

If a certain gene defect is suspected, your health-care provider should recommend you professional advice and specific tests.

Gonadotrophin drugs


If you are diagnosed with low gonadotropin hormones,  glycoprotein polypeptide hormones that are secreted by gonadotrope cells and stimulate sperm production, your health-care provider should offer you gonadotropin drugs to increase your fertility rates.

Donor insemination


Donor insemination is a process when sperm donated by another man – usually anonymous – is used to fertilize a female egg.

Donor insemination may be considered as a way out if a man has a low sperm count or a genetic disorder passed from fathers to children.

It is used as an alternative to ICSI or as a part of IVF when necessary.

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