How to Enlarge Your Penis (Step by Step Guide)

Penis enlargement has been a hot topic among men for long years. Hundreds and hundreds of them have been looking for any method that can make their sexual dreams come true.

You can open any men’s magazine and find super enhancement supplement or device advertisements, you can receive e-mail spam with penis enlargement offers, but the main question is how to choose an effective way to gain the heights.

Let’s start from the very beginning and consider different enhancement methods, how they work and whether they show results.

Medical truth on natural penis enlargement 2018

A lot of men when seeking for a way to enlarge their penises ask a question: Is it possible to enlarge my penis? Does it work? Let’s answer in short: Yes, it is real and possible to make your manhood bigger and thicker. However, don’t get too excited. This process is not so easy, simple, fast, and comfortable as you may think.

To achieve actual results, you need time, dedication and persistence. And it is possible to enlarge your manhood as athletes increase their muscle mass, as Padaung women stretch their necks with neck coils, as other people stretch their lips and ears.

But it takes hard efforts and time to accumulate and show excellent results using a Bathmate Penis pump or a penis stretching device called Quick Extender Pro. Both devices are doctor approved and medically certified. Most men think that they have small penises while their sizes are even larger than average.


You should remember that an average penis size equals to 5 to 6 inches in length and 5 inches in circumference. Nowadays, you can choose among four types of penis enlargement that work:

1)    penile enhancement exercises;
2)    enlargement devices;
3)    supplements, pills, gels, and creams;
4)    penis enlargement surgery.

A lot of experts recommend combining these methods to achieve your goal (for example exercises and supplements, gels and devices). The most common way to make your manhood larger is to do penile exercises as it is the least dangerous and non-risky in contrast to surgeries or different equipment.

How Penis Enlargement Works

Penis enlargement can be compared to muscle building or neck stretching. Your penis contains three main chambers, which are responsible for your penile process, including erection: two corpora cavernosa and one corpus spongiosum. When they are being stretched, your manhood experiences micro-tears.

Thus, new cells appear to fill in those gaps. It causes an increase in the length and girth of your penis – and the results are permanent. If you look through the Internet, you can find a lot of examples when people stretch and enlarge different parts of their bodies. Some nations do it meeting their traditions and customs; some people want to be different or perfect their bodies.


Penis enlargement methods to apply

We have already mentioned that you have four options to choose. It is quite difficult to say what method is right for you as our bodies, organisms, and their reactions are different. So they can provide different effects for men. In general, some of these options are safer (for example, exercises), and some – ensure more permanent results. You may prefer training to pills, or choose supplements with natural ingredients and vitamins. Let’s see how each of them work and what results they can provide.

Penile Enhancement Exercises

Penile enhancement exercising is a 100% natural and the most efficient way to enlarge your manhood in girth and length. It is the most recommended method for this technique:

  • Is quite safe for your health (but you should follow the instructions);
  • Can ensure higher results when compared to the surgery or supplements.

There are four common types of exercises used to increase your penis:

  1. Kegels
  2. Jelqing
  3. Stretching
  4. Compression

Penile enhancement exercises do not require any special devices or equipment to work. You need only a suitable place, efforts, and time. If you want, you may combine exercises with other options: supplements or stretching devices – to gain the highest effect. However, exercises are the safest way to make your dreams come true. They work in different ways:


  • the Kegels contract and relax your muscles making them stronger;
  • stretches apply traction;
  • jelq stimulates more blood to flow to your penis causing its increase. You can contact a professional to make an individual exercise program or search the Internet for such routines. Based on the survey with 547 men participated, we can state that these men have gained 1 inch in length and 0.51 inch in girth when doing the exercises.

Kegel Exercises

Kegels have been originally designed to improve women’s health. But they also appear to be an excellent solution for men to make their pubococcygeus (PC) muscles stronger. It helps improve your erections and manage your orgasms. Besides, the exercises enhance the blood flow to the penis to make it bigger and fuller.

Here is the detailed how-to-do-it instruction:

  1. Find your pelvic floor muscles: stop urinating in the middle of the process
  2. Contract the muscles, hold the contraction for five seconds and relax them
  3. Repeat 10 times per session, and three sessions per day
  4. Perfect your technique: when you get used to the exercises, you can increase the contractions up to ten seconds Jelqing Jelqing has been used by men for ages to make their manhood stronger. It can increase the size by stretching your penis in milking-like motions. The exercise stimulates more blood to flow to your genitalia making it fuller and improving your erections. Jelqing does not require a lot of efforts, but you should strictly follow the guidance not to cause any harm.

You are recommended starting the exercise with your penis 50 to 75% erected (or more if you are an advanced user). Here is how you should do jelqing:

  1. Lubricate your penis with oil or a gel
  2. Achieve the required level of erection
  3. Take your thumb and pointer finger to form an OK-grip
  4. Place it around the base of your phallus
  5. Move the grip up your penis applying light pressure
  6. Stop before your glans to complete one jelq
  7. Repeat the process Stretching

Stretching applies tension to our penile tissues creating micro-tears in the penis. New cells appear to heal these gaps. Thus, your manhood becomes larger. These exercises are an excellent solution for men who want to increase their penises in length.

Let’s see how to do the exercise:

  1. Stretch your penis away from your body
  2. Move your penis to the left or the right (this also helps correct penile curvature) or
  3. Move your penis downward or upward

You can combine upward and downward motions with right and left steps to maximize the effect of stretching. You should not apply high pressure to avoid harm, pain, or discomfort. Compression exercises are designed to increase your penis in circumference. When you apply tension compressing your genitalia, you stress your penile tissues and encourage new cells to grow and enlarge.


This exercise requires two hands and here is how you should do the compression:

  • Form an OK-grip with your thumb and pointer finger
  • Place the grip at the base of your penile organ
  • Make the grip with your other hand and put it tightly before your glans
  • Start compressing the shaft of your penis moving both hands toward each other
  • When compressed, band your shaft applying tension to the penile tissues

Penis Enlargement Devices

Nowadays, the world is rich in different technologies and innovative stuff, which makes our lives simpler, easier, and more comfortable. Penis enhancement industry also keeps its pace and, offers devices that help men make their manhood longer and stronger. You may combine these devices with exercises or use them apart. A penis enlargement device is a mechanism that you use instead of your hands to stretch your penis – it does it for you. You can call it an automated process. And its advantage is that the device applies a higher level of intensity and pressure to maximize the effect.

The most common types of penile enhancement devices are as follows:

  • Stretching devices
  • Pumps
  • Weighing devices

Stretching Devices


A stretching device (we recommend to use QuickProExtender) is simple traction equipment. Nowadays, you can find a lot of different designs of the extenders, but all of them use the same principle to work. When you place the device on the shaft of your penis, it applies some pressure and causes micro-tears to appear on penile tissues. New cells are required to restore the damaged tissue and, thus, increase your manhood. You can wear most of the extenders underneath your clothes and feel comfortable during the whole day.

The best representatives of this penis enlargement category are Phallosan, PeniMaster, and JesExtender. Pumps A penis pump is a device, which uses a vacuum to expand penile tissues and enlarge your manhood. Despite the variety of designs on the market, all pumps include a cylinder you should put over your penis and a tube where the vacuum environment is created.

Such a structure of the device stimulates more blood to fill in the penis and make it larger. Some pumps also have a cock ring to facilitate men with erectile dysfunction. Bathmate Hydromax offer now water-based pumps, which use water instead of air and work in the shower and the bath. These innovations are called as hydro pumps. The best devices include Bathmate, Hydromax, Passion Pump, and Penomet.

Weighing Devices

Weighing devices include both penis hangers and weights, which also are traction-type devices. In contrast to extenders, they create traction by stretching your penis with weights and causing the effect of gravity. It also results in micro-tears, the growth of new cells, and penis enlargement – the same process as with the stretching devices. The most known weights are LG Hanger and PE Weights.

Penis Enlargement Supplements


This category offers, probably, the widest range of products that can help men make their penises larger and healthier.

You can choose among the variety of forms: liquids or capsules to be taken orally, and gels, lotions, or creams to be applied directly to your manhood. These formulas are 100% natural and contain only herbals, minerals and vitamins, which show its best results in male enhancement.

The remedies work by increasing testosterone levels in your body, by enhancing the blood flow to the penis, by improving erections and treating different sexual dysfunctions in men. And Eastern medical experts know that herbals work. The most important issue is to choose a herb that can provide high efficiency and work for you. Online stores offer a lot of male enhancement remedies, but a lot of them are ineffective or cause undesirable reactions or side-effects.  You should find a product with a strong reputation and high results.

Here is the list of natural ingredients, which help men increase the size of their penises:

  • L-Arginine, an amino acid used to enhance nitric oxide levels and improve erections
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which help to increase muscle mass and growth hormone production and improve cardiovascular health
  • Horny Goat Weed, an aphrodisiac that relaxes smooth muscle tissues and treats sexual problems in men
  • Yohimbe with yohimbine that increases blood flow to the penis and cures erectile dysfunction and impotence
  • Vitamins A, B, C, and E The top-rated supplements, which show actual male enhancement results and cause no adverse reactions: MaleExtra (for larger and harder penis, more explosive orgasms and higher sexual desire), VigRX Plus (for larger penis, harder erections, more intense orgasm, and higher stamina), and Climinax (for greater endurance and firmer erections).

Penis Enlargement Surgery


Penis enlargement surgery (phalloplasty) is the fastest way to increase the size of your penis, but the most dangerous one. Its results are permanent and are mainly noticeable when your penis is flaccid. Phalloplasty is an artificial alteration or reconstruction of a penis by medical manipulations. The most popular penis enlargement surgeries include:

  1. Ligament severing: If you want to lengthen your manhood, the suspensory ligament is released in the place where it is attached to the pubic bone
  2. Dermal Implant: If you want to expand your phallus, fat is injected under the shaft skin, or the shaft is wrapped in a cellular matrix sheet;
  3. Glanular enhancement: it increases the head of the penis by injecting fat. Though the surgery is the fast method, it is quite risky and can cause adverse reactions, including erection dysfunction, nerve damage, urinary problems, and others.

Decide what method is right for you

When you choose a penis enlargement method that can work for you, you should take into account your personal factors, including your health rates, efforts and time you are ready to spend to gain the heights, the amount of money you can give – and consider all the pros and cons of each option and its risks. To facilitate your decision, we have summarized the main facts on the essential enlargement methods: their types, processes, and results. It will help you to make a correct choice:

  • TYPE

Penile Enhancement Exercises

The exercises cause manual pressure to the penis resulting in stronger muscles, micro-tears, the growth of new cells, and increase in girth and length    Effective results with no additional equipment and money loss :

  • Long period to achieve the desired effect
  • Penis Enlargement Devices
  • Stretching devices
  • Pumps
  • Weighing devices

The devices cause automatic pressure to the penis resulting in higher blood flow, the growth of new cells and increase in girth and length:

  • Effective results, which require no efforts and long time;
  • Comfortable to be worn underneath your clothes wherever and whenever you sometimes want  (up to several months) required to see the gains;
  • Monetary expenses
  • Penis Enlargement Supplements
  • Herbal liquids
  • Capsules
  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Gels

The supplements balance hormones in your body, improve blood circulation and enhance sexual health, including penis enlargement: better blood flow, stronger physical health, higher libido and stamina, harder and firmer erections

Excellent results when combined with exercises and devices:

  • No enlargement effects Penis Enlargement Surgery
  • Ligament severing Dermal Implant Ganular enhancement
  • The released suspensory ligament lengthens the penis; the injected fat increases its girth
  • Fast results
  • High prices
  • Possible erectile dysfunction, nerve damage, urinary problems, or infections


Penis enlargement is a procedure that makes men happier, stronger and – what is more important – more self-confident. Yes, in addition to physical improvements, it enhances men’ mental state and satisfies their ego requirements. You will notice the increased size in your length and circumference, you will feel higher libido and stamina in bed, you will experience more explosive orgasms, and you will enjoy your incredible sex and satisfy your partner in full.

But you should remember that such penis enlargement methods as exercises, devices, and supplements require time, dedication and efforts. They show no immediate results and need time to work. Phalloplasty is the fastest option can lead to adverse side-effects and cause serious complications to your manhood.

Also, surgeries and some devices are very expensive and require a lot of money to be spent to fulfill your dream. So, before you start your penis enlargement procedure, you should weigh all advantages and disadvantages of each method and choose the most reliable for you and your body.

You should remember that despite any promises and claims, there is no a pill of wonder or a magic device that could make all dreams come true in a night. Such an immediate result can be ensured by a surgery only but with high risks and hazards. Instead of seeking for fast effects, you are recommended dedicating your time to a steady and safe exercise routine intensifying your load and promoting your progress.

You may also visit an expert who can help you develop a potent penis enlargement program, advises you how to work to gain the heights, and keep you on track.

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