How to enlarge penis without pills? #1 method

We continuously see ads on the Internet about pills for penis enlargement, but we understand that they just do not work the way it is presented in the commercial. We can say for sure that capsules containing ingredients that increase male potency are not able to permanently enlarge the penis. Is this statement true? Certainly! In the first paragraph of this article, we disclose the truth for you.

Pills for penis enlargement affect the growth of potency, sexual endurance, the power of erection and even the growth of the penis enlargement in an erected state. But the effect can go away if you stop taking pills.

There is only one known formula Vig Rx Plus which action on penis enlargement is clinically proven. In fact, taking these pills for 6-12 months can lead to the penis enlargement in an erected state.

But if the pills do not make the penis to grow really in length and width, then what can stimulate enlargement?

Today it’s clinically proven that penis can be enlarged naturally!


In this article, we will tell you exactly how to make the penis larger by 1-4 inches in length and width on an ongoing basis without the use of pills. The result persisted forever. Agree, it is worth reading this content to know correctly what methods, tools, and exercises are used today by hundreds of thousands of men around the world and help them to achieve results.

In this post will be only the most essential facts, the statements of physicians and products checked by customers. From this content you will learn:

  1. What tools and techniques give results
  2. How much does penile enlargement cost a man?
  3. How long does it take to increase a penis daily?
  4. How difficult is it to enlarge the penis without the recommendations of specialists?
  5. Is it possible to trust stories about successful penis enlargement?
  6. Can I make a device for penis growth on my own?
  7. How long to wait for results?
  8. What kind of side effects can occur?
  9. What technique does work

1. You can conduct an independent research and reread forums and medical websites, but the answer will be just like this:

  • pumps for penis enlargement work;
  • penis stretchers work fine;
  • good reviews about penis enlargement techniques.

Hydro pumps such as Bathmate and Penomet are the main products from the category of penis pumps. This dramatically simplifies the choice. For example, our editorial office today knows about 547 brands of pills, and nobody knows how to choose them, but it’s much easier with pumps.

Penis extenders: there are much more products here, about 50. But the main stretchers for today are Quick Extender Pro, Phallosan Forte, and SizeGenetics. Why are these products called the flagships? It’s because of next points:

  • everybody talk only about them (our flagships) on for the penis enlargement forums;
  • only they provide quality certificates in proof of perfect product performance;
  • only these products provide a real warranty for a return in case if the device was not effective for you;
  • only these manufacturers provide low prices for parts on its websites;
  • only these products are guaranteed made in the EU and the USA;
  • manufacturers of these products provide customer support 24/7 for all available contacts on the site;
  • only these devices you can buy officially on the website without mark-ups of resellers;
  • only these sites have discount coupons and are constantly perform promotions.


Now, let’s consider techniques for increasing the penis. They are discussed at forums most of all in connection with the fact that these methods are an affordable way to enlarge a penis. You can find a lot of free information on this topic, but no one can guarantee the result using techniques seen on the forums.

Moreover, improper exercise can significantly aggravate your sexual health. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you either buy individual books from reputable professionals or use access to websites that offer comprehensive information on all techniques for penis enlargement, such as Jelqing and Kegels. On such sites, you will receive all the instructions in your member zone including photos, video materials.

New techniques are added there quickly, quick tips are also given, and you can ask the expert some questions and get a real-time reply. As a rule, active guidelines are not published online, and no one is responsible for your result. If you register on the PenisFitness website, for example, here you’ll get a guaranteed result under the auspices of medical specialists.

2. Let’s count how much it cost for man to obtain guaranteed penis enlargement.

So, to develop a personal program to increase the penis, you need to:

– buy a penis pump such as Bathmate Originals or penis extender such as Quick Extender Pro;

– obtain access to penis enlargement techniques such as Erection Fitness.

Now let’s talk about choosing a pump as the primary device for penis enlargement. Bathmate has for this 3 product lines of Original series, Xydromax series and Hyderomax extreme. All these products are distinguished by the efficiency and time during which they give the result. Those men who want quick and guaranteed results can purchase the maximum-priced Extreme series for $249. The original pump called HERCULES and will cost you $110.


Further, the price can depend on your current size of the penis, because the size of the flask for the penis affects the rate. There is penis pumps up to 5 inches, 5-7 inches, 7-9 inches and more than 9 inches. If you have a penis with a size up to 5 inches, you can buy a Hydromax X20 for $139. The price will be $199 for a dick of 7-9 inches.

Access to the materials of the ErectionFitness website cost $97.

Now if we are talking about Penis Extender, the prices can be the following. For the best penis extender, according to the ratings and reviews of Quick Extender Pro customers, you need to pay a minimum of $119 for a pressure of 3000g. If you want an additional penile traction guide and Rizer XL pills to increase your erection, plus 500 extra grams of pressure, you’ll have to pay $179. Well, if you want something powerful with maximum comfort and result, it will cost you $349.43 for DELUXE EDITION.

Packages are compiled in such a way that the maximum one gives the best and fastest effect. Agree, there is a difference to wear a device 4-6 hours a day for three months or 6 months. Maximum pressure and comfort level can produce results quickly and without side effects.

3. How long will it take to stretch the penis?

Unlike exercises for penis enlargement, when you need to stretch your penis 30 minutes each time and use the pump when you need to control the process of pumping for a specific time, the penis enlargement with the extender does not require any additional actions except those that are aimed at putting on an extender. In fact, the most straightforward operation is to put the extender on a penis and forget about it for a few hours. You do not need any effort, studying programs and techniques of pumping or jelqing. All that is required in the case of using an extender is mere to put it on, and it will do everything itself.


On the one hand, many men think that it is very uncomfortable to walk with the extender on the penis. But the practitioners will tell you that for the third time you just forget about it so that it can be so comfortable. Again, comfort is associated with the choice of the product and its settings. If you buy Quick Extender Pro or Male Edge, the addiction will be almost instantaneous due to the correct medical materials used in the design of the device. If you buy some unchecked and cheap extender, the penis enlargement can become a real torture for you. Undoubtedly the price for good extenders is quite high compared to market offers, but everyone makes a choice himself. Do not forget that the extender is worn for 6-12 months and it is essential to take care of comfort.

4. How difficult is it to enlarge a penis without the advice of a doctor?

No doctor today will sign up for the task of a natural increase in the penis. At the same time, information on the practical method of penile traction officially posted on medical portals and available for a long time. This which way underlies in principle of operation of a high-quality penis extender. Therefore, all you need to do for starting penis enlargement is to independently learn information about techniques and products and choose the most efficient option based on your personal needs and wishes. Remember, you do not need a doctor’s recommendation to use the penis extender.


5. How truthful are the stories about the successful enlargement of the penis with the help of extenders?

Gone are the days when it was possible to write fake reviews on official websites of manufacturers and make a decision whether to believe them or not. Today the Internet is transparent – social networks, forums, sites with questions and answers like Quora, Yahoo Answers and a rating of trust to commentators are forming a healthy environment for truthful information. Any penis enlargement forum contains thousands of success stories have been published on penis enlargement. Read them to inspire yourself and make sure that it works. It will be even better if you use success strategies that have already worked for someone and produced results.

6. Making a device for the penis enlargement by yourself is unsafe

Stories with free penis enlargement are the most popular on the Internet. And hundreds of thousands of men believe in them and want to use them. Someone does not want to pay for an extender a few hundred dollars, and someone has no opportunity to do it. As a result, thousands of websites today offer step-by-step instructions on how to only and quickly make a device. If you are so trusting and ready to conduct such experiments with your dick, you should know that this is a hazardous practice, which in reality can negatively affect your sexual life.


7. How long should I wait for the result using penis extender?

The speed of getting results for each particular man will always vary. The selected extender also plays an important role. Also, do not forget about the stretch settings that you can use. For example, at maximum speed, the result is faster, but this does not suit everyone. More often beginners use the minimal load and increase it during the course. On average, if you take the official statistics of Quick Extender Pro, and titled products have this one, then you need to use the device for at least 30 days to get the first results. It’s about a 0.5-1-inch growth. Further, the effect grows disproportionately with each month. You can gain an inch for a week and half an inch for a month. There is no linear dependence here. Indeed, a high-quality device and its correct use according to the instruction give guaranteed fast results. In half a year you can make the penis 3-4 inches longer. Some tell stories about 5-6 inches, and this is also quite realistic.


8. What do you need to know about side effects?

The most important and the very first thing you should know about the side effects is that they are excluded if you buy a tested and recommended extender and also if you will use it according to the recommendations in the instructions. In case of using a low-quality device at maximum speed all the time, you can see temporary hematomas on the penis, so avoid them.

As you can see, enlarging the penis with penis extender is the right decision in all respects. This method is suitable for men who do not want to learn penis enlargement techniques and also spend their time on the process itself (pumping, exercises). The method is effective. It is true, and the clinical result of penis growth is clinically proven by a significant amount of publication of information about the method of penile traction. We recommend extenders as the best way not to think about enlarging the penis and increase its length painlessly.


You don’t even think about expanding the penis at a time when the process of growth of your penis is underway. This aspect is psychologically important and affects your emotional state. And the most important is that you will not be confused by the presence of the device on the penis while using the extender at home. Its wearing will be entirely unnoticeable for you, and it does not shackle еру movement, and you feel maximum freedom. Our readers ask which product we recommend first of all, and the answer is Quick Extender Pro. It has the best performance in all aspects including quality, price, and result.

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