Healthy sex is the guarantee of lower stress and fatigue, higher self-confidence and self-esteem, a better relationship between a man and woman, higher sensations and satisfaction.

And with age, our sex health tends to decline due to irreversible changes in our lives and bodies, duties and obligations, intimacy or business problems, or health problems. Men take VigRx Plus, Prosolution Plus, and Extenze or other male enhancement pills when they start feeling a sexual drop.

Stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue or any other physical or emotional problems, including erectile dysfunction, can also result in low libido and sexual drive. 30 to 40 percent of men – regardless of their age – feel a lack of sexual desire within several months in a year, and try to find any medical or natural way out.


In fact, the majority of men who suffer from sexual problems need natural medications like VigRx Plus or Prosolution Pills. They can improve their health and sex by changing their lifestyle. What we do, what we eat, and how we live play a key role in our lives, and natural means can help us make them better and more interesting.

Pelvic Floor Exercises to Overcome Premature Ejaculation

The American Urological Association says that one in five men in the USA who are under 60 years old have premature ejaculation.

And the European Congress of Urology, Stockholm, Sweden, has shown the research stating that pelvic floor exercises used to cure incontinence can help men who suffer from chronic premature ejaculation.

Forty men aged from 19 to 46 participated in the research. All of them were suffering from permanent premature ejaculation – an ejaculation that occurs within a minute after penetration. The men had to do pelvic floor exercises 20 minutes a day, three times a week within 12 weeks.


The scientists informed that at the beginning of the research, an average penetration time was 32 seconds. That means that men ejaculated in 32 seconds after penetration. At the end of 12-week pelvic floor exercise program, an average ejaculation time was 2.5 minutes – the fivefold improvement. Only five participants felt no significant enhancement.

Pelvic floor exercises are similar to Kegel exercises but more difficult and complicated. And Kegel exercises (also called ‘Kegel squeeze’) have been initially designed for women. Therefore, they may know more about them.
When doing pelvic floor exercises, you should contract your lower pelvic floor muscles and hold them tightly together. It seems that you are trying to interrupt the flow of urine, and you can start training while urinating. These exercises can tighten and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Within the research, men were educated to do pelvic floor exercises contracting and relaxing their muscles. Dr. Antonio Pastore, the researcher, says that it takes at least 12 sessions to master the techniques of pelvic floor exercises. You can also meet a pelvic floor rehabilitation practitioner for professional advice. Please visit the website of the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute to find a professional practitioner.

Lifestyle Changes to Combat Impotence

Nowadays, more and more men suffer from impotence and erectile dysfunction and look for a professional advice on how to overcome it. The answer is simpler: change your lifestyle for the better. The research, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, states that obesity, poor diet, low physical training, bad sleep, stress, alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs can cause erectile dysfunction and deteriorate your overall health.

It is a well-known fact that 75 percent of men who suffer from heart disease experience erection problems. As the penis sensitively reacts to lower flow of blood, impotence can be the earliest symptom of coronary artery disease. Besides,  men who have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes are reported to suffer from erection problems more often.

Heart disease is often connected to low libido and erectile dysfunction. And the researchers proved that heart-healthy lifestyle helped a lot of men naturally combat problems with an erection – no risky and expensive medications and surgeries. Let’s have a look at how erectile dysfunction and heart health are related.

Dr. Gary Witter explains that an erection is a hydraulic process triggered by the blood that flows to the penis through the well-dilated blood vessels. Therefore, when the blood vessels fail to dilate and carry blood to the penis, erectile dysfunction occurs. It can also result from nerve injuries and hormonal disorders. If you pay no attention to early disorders, they can lead to more serious health deterioration, including erection problems.


Yes, time moves on, and there are some changes in our lives, which we cannot avoid or stop. With age, irreversible natural processes take place. And you should look for natural ways to improve your health and life: take herbal medications(you can try VigRx Plus, Prosolution Pills, Extenze), get rid of excessive weight, eat healthy food, do exercises, have a good sleep and try to avoid stress and fatigue. Your healthy lifestyle is the guarantee of your health.

Healthy Heart to Improve Sexual Health

Let’s see what healthy recommendations you should follow to protect your overall health and enhance sexual life.

1. Eat healthy foods. If you are letting or insulin resistant, you are highly recommended to exclude fructose, sugar, processed food and grain from your diet – remember that you should avoid both organic and conventional products. High sugar food can result in higher leptin and insulin resistance and trigger the heart disease. An ideal diet is to consume organic whole food and replace grain carbs with:

• Different fresh vegetables
• High-quality organic protein in a low or moderate dose
• High-quality healthy saturated or monounsaturated fats. An optimal dose of fats for the majority of people equals to 50 – 85 percent. To provide your body with healthy fats, you should eat raw dairy products, organic egg yolks, butter produced from grass-fed raw milk, coconuts and coconut oil, avocados, and grass-fed meats.


2. Do regular exercises. You are recommended to do high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It is a form of cardiovascular exercise that helps increase your athletic performance, reduce fat, improve cardiovascular disease risk and control such hormones as testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH). Both of these hormones play a key role in male sexual health and virility. To improve testosterone production, you should do weight training exercises.

3. Benefit from intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is a special diet where fasting periods replace non-fasting periods. It can help men increase testosterone production boosting the levels of satiety hormones, including leptin, insulin, glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), adiponectin, melanocortins and cholecystokinin (CKK). Intermittent fasting also improves HGH production, stimulates sexual desire and energy, and helps avoid testosterone decline with age.

4. Ensure adequate levels of vitamin D. The sun is the richest source of vitamin D. Exposing your body to the sun can help you produce vitamin D sulfate. The sulfate does not allow creating an arterial plaque that can trigger erectile dysfunction. Vitamin D is reported to boost testosterone production and increase sexual desire and energy. One research showed that obese men who had taken vitamin D supplements within a year succeeded to increase their testosterone levels significantly.

5. Have a strong and adequate sleep and rest. Remember that sound mind is in a sound body, and strong sleep is the guarantee of it.

6. Avoid and neutralize stress. Stress and depression are among these factors that prevent long-lasting sex and satisfaction. When you are tired or wound up, sex is the last thing you think about, as it reduces your libido, sex drive, and energy. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a powerful psychological technique that requires no drugs and can help you learn how to control your emotions, get rid of stress-related thoughts, make you calmer and ensure physical and emotional relief. It allows you are focusing on more pleasant things and processes.

7. Do not take medications. A lot of drugs, including antidepressants, 5α-reductase inhibitors (5-ARIs), opioid painkillers (OxyContin, Percocet or Vicodin), antihistamines, blood pressure drugs can seriously affect your sexual health leading to or exacerbate erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Natural Herbs and Nutrients to Combat Sexual Dysfunctions

Healthy and high-quality lifestyle, including healthy foods, physical exercises, sound sleep and no stress, is a primary and key instruction you should follow to ensure the strong health and powerful sex. Additionally, you can take some natural herbs that are proven to treat sexual dysfunctions, including erectile dysfunction or impotence:

1. L-arginine. It is an amino acid that boosts the cardiovascular function in the body improving the performance of blood vessels as they directly influence male erections. L-arginine increases the nitric oxide production in the body dilating the blood vessels.

As the blood vessels get relaxed and expanded, it improves the blood flow to the penis and makes erections harder and firmer. Viagra works, in the same way. Some may think that L-arginine is a portion of wonder, but it is an adequate natural way to improve your health.

Some researchers show that l-arginine can be effective when used alone or combined with a placebo. Mild or moderate forms of erectile dysfunction can be treated combining the amino acid with other natural herbs:


• L-arginine and Pycnogenol – an extract from the pine bark of Pinus pinaster – make a powerful combination that ensures better male sexual function and combats erectile dysfunction without any side-effects.
• L-arginine (6 gr) and yohimbine (6 mg) – an extract from the bark of the Pausinystalia Yohimbe tree – are an effective primary therapy for erectile dysfunction. The journal European Urology publishes the results of such research. This combination is also reported to improve sexual libido and drive in women after menopause.

2. Maca root. It has been used to increase libido and prolong sexual performance. Additionally, it helps balance your mood, improve sleep and reduce pain.

3. Panax ginseng. It is used in medicine as a sexual booster increasing stamina and libido, improving energy and reducing stress and anxiety.

4. Choline. Acetylcholine (ACh) is an organic molecule that acts as a neurotransmitter responsible for sending sexual message in men and women. If the level of ACh drops, sexual activity also declines. To ensure an adequate level of ACh in the body, you are recommended to use choline (1,000 to 3,000 mg) and vitamin B5 (500 to 1,500 mg) supplements.

Make Your Sex Incredible With Medications

To have strong sexual performance, experience unbelievable sex feelings and powerful orgasms, you should ensure that your hormones including HGH and testosterone are well-balanced. Remember that the most effective techniques that can help you are high-intensity interval training and intermittent fasting. Men with premature ejaculation can also do pelvic floor exercises to improve their sex life.


You should keep in mind that impotence and erectile dysfunction can be an early symptom of heart or other diseases, and you should follow the above described heart-healthy lifestyle to ensure proper body functioning. Besides, it will help solve heart and erection problems as 75 percent of men who suffer from the heart disease have negative erection experience.
New sex life and feelings will ensure positive changes in your whole life and overall health.

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