What do we know about erectile dysfunction in men?

Treating Erectile Dysfunction with Herbs Top Five Herbs Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sexual dysfunction when a man is not able to get or maintain an erection firm and long enough for sexual activity. The problem is quite common and can occur in men of the different age. Sometimes, bad feelings or distracting thoughts can cause psychological impotence but it can be easily helped.


More serious forces that cause erectile dysfunctions are medical factors including:

  • Neurological problems
  • Diabetes
  • Hormonal disorder
  • Cardiovascular disease, or drug side effects.

As an erection activates, different parts of the body (the muscles, vessels, brain, and hormones), problems with any of them can lead to ED. So, to start treating the erectile dysfunction, you should know what causes it. Treating the cause will improve your health and increase your sexual function. After the cause is diagnosed, you can choose the way of how to cure the ED.

You can try medical treatment:

  • injections
  • blood vessel surgery
  • penile implants
  • Penomet penis pump
  • penis suppository
  • testosterone replacement
  • or change your lifestyle quitting smoking and using alcohol
  • losing an excessive weight
  • combatting your sexual anxiety or psychological problems
  • Male enhancement pills

Though some men resort to alternative medicine to cure their disorders. It is a very effective method and can be combined with lifestyle changes or traditional medicine.

You should consult your doctor before you start using alternative medicine. Based on the studies, we have selected top five herbs that help men combat the erectile dysfunction though medical experts and researchers say that they require some deeper studies to approve these herbs as truly powerful and not harmful to life and health.


Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is an endogenous steroid hormone usually produced by our bodies, or by wild yam and soy. The studies have shown that DHEA is safe and effective for curing the erectile dysfunction unless it is caused by a nervous system failure or diabetes. DHEA can cause such side-effects as a stomach disorder, hair loss or acne. You should know the drugs, which usually cause negative effects when interacting with DHEA.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that helps dilate the blood vessels and improve the blood circulation in the body. L-arginine is found in VigRx male enhancement pills, meat and dairy products, or can be specially produced in the clinical conditions. The studies have shown that l-arginine is helpful in curing the ED though it can cause stomach disorder, nausea, or diarrhea. It is not recommended to combine L-arginine with nitrates, Viagra, and high blood pressure drugs.

Ginseng Panax or Korean red ginseng is often used in medicine as a high-quality and effective herb that helps cure a lot of disorders, including erectile dysfunction. You can find the evidence for the effectiveness of ginseng in curing the ED in the research published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. This ingredient is included in the VigRx Plus formula.

The studies have shown that a red ginseng is safe, but it should be used for a short period. It can cause such side effects as insomnia or bad sleeping. It is not recommended to combine it with some drugs, alcohol, and caffeine. Pinus pinaster Pinus pinaster is an extract of the pine tree bark and included into Pycnogenol – the only supplement with the extract. It requires some time – up to several months – to show its positive effect in curing the ED. Pinus pinaster can cause such side effects as a headache, faintness or mouth ulcers. As there is a lack of the research evidence, doctors can hardly recommend Pinus pinaster for treating the dysfunction.

Yohimbe that is produced from the bark of the tree native to western and central Africa. Yohimbe is an effective herb that can cure the ED though it can cause serious side effects such as heart attack, low or high blood pressure, kidney failure, and, etc. You should consult your doctor before you start using the Yohimbe bark.

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