How to exercise your penis correctly? 6 simple techniques

A lot of men dream about larger manhood, firmer and stronger erections, and better sexual satisfaction. And you should not go under the knife or take dangerous medications or risk your health to make your dreams come true. You can start with natural methods, which will help you enlarge your penis and promote your sexual function.


If you follow the penis enhancement program described below, you will get excellent results:

1.    Jelqing Warm-Up

The easiest way to warm up before jelqing is to have a hot shower, but sometimes this can be impossible or not allowed for men. Therefore, you are recommended warming up your penis manually: take a warm (but not hot) towel and wrap it around your manhood for five minutes. It can help you expand blood vessels and stimulate the blood flow to your genitals increasing the effectiveness of jelqing workouts. When your phallus is warmed up, you can start your exercises

2.    Penile Length Jelqing

Now, it is time to use a lubricant that can make the jelqing process easier. You are recommended applying an average amount and make your penis achieve a semi-erect state. Please remember that you should not perform jelqing while your penis is fully erect – the exercise is useful when your erection reaches 50 – 75%.
To start jelqing, you should form an OK-grip with your forefinger and thumb (like an OK sign) and hold your penis at its base. Squeeze as firmly as possible not to allow blood to outflow from the penis but avoid any pain or discomfort. If any painful feelings appear, you should release the grip.

Use your other hand to make one more grip and put it on your first grip. Start slow strokes pulling the blood to the head of your phallus. One stroke should take 2 to 3 seconds, and the jelqing set should last up to five minutes.

Do not allow that your penis is more than 75% erect during the whole process.  If you are fully aroused, you should immediately stop exercising, or start stimulation when your erection is lost.

Penile length jelqing should be performed once per day and five days per week.

3.    Penile Girth Jelqing


After you have warmed up your penis, you may start jelqing to increase your penis circumference. You are also recommended using the lubricant (like in penile length jelqing). Make an OK-grip and squeeze your phallus at its base to prevent the blood outflow. Remember that you should experience no pain or discomfort. Take the shaft of your penis near its head with the other OK grip and start slow strokes with both hands – one downward the head and one toward the base – trying to make the blood fill up the sides of your penis. In a few seconds, you can start the process again gripping your shaft an inch lower.
Penile girth jelqing should be performed once per day and five days per week.

4.    Flaccid Penis Stretches

The penis is an external as well as an internal part of the body that is suspended from the pubic bone by a range of ligaments. Thus, one-half of your manhood is inside you. You probably know that any ligaments can become less elastic or stretch out with age causing that the larger part of your internal phallus is exposed. Some men think that only penis enlargement surgery can help them lengthen their manhood, and this requires severing ligaments. However, you can escape risky operations and manually manage these ligaments to increase your penis in length.

Please remember that this workout should not result in any painful feelings of discomfort. If you experience any pain, you bring undue pressure on your penis. You should gently stretch your penis rather than tear it.

Your penis should be clean and dry when you place your manual penis stretcher on the penile head by rolling the sleeve like a condom.
Gently grip the end of the sleeve and start pulling it out unless your ligaments at the base of the penis are extended. Do not make sharp and fast motions – no pain and discomfort! Hold your penis extended for 0 to 15 seconds. Then release it and take at least a 15-second rest. Perform the stretches in different directions: up and down, right and left – taking a rest after each of them.

You are recommended doing this exercise three times per day and five days per week.

5.    Erect Penis Stretches


Remember the key rule for the penis enlargement program: no activity should cause pain or discomfort. It also applies to erect penis stretches. If you experience any painful sensations, stop immediately.

Before you begin this workout, your penis should be fully erect. Then make a slow and gentle stretch with your penis to the right and hold it for five seconds. Then repeat the stretch with your penis to the left, up and down. All erect penis stretches should last up to five seconds. Take a 20 to 30-second rest and repeat the entire process three times.

You are recommended doing this exercise once a day, five days per week.

6.    Kegel Exercises


The Kegel exercises are developed to make the pubococcygeal muscle stronger and firmer; that’s why it is sometimes referred to as the PC activities. Stronger PC muscles can ensure harder erections, better ejaculation control, and more explosive orgasms. The PC muscles belong to the group of muscles, which are responsible for sexual function, urination, and defecating. Thus, these techniques bring more benefit than you may think.

If you are a beginner, you should find your PC muscles first. Stopping urinating in the middle of the process can help you discover where they are. Once you have determined where these muscles are and have understood how they work, you can continue exercising. Contract the PC muscles for ten seconds and, then, relax them and wait for another ten seconds. You are recommended repeating the set as often as possible up to ten times a day and five days per week.

All the techniques mentioned above are developed to increase the penis in length and circumference. They work by increasing the blood flow to the genitals and enhancing blood circulation in the body. Ejaculation (as well as masturbation in several hours after your workout) usually reduces the blood flow and lowers testosterone levels. Therefore, it should be avoided.

Penis enlargement program is an effective natural way to make your sexual dreams come true. However, overexercising can lead to side effects. Too hard stretches or too firm squeezing can cause redness, pain, discomfort, soreness, and erection loss. If you have any of such problems, you should immediately stop doing the exercises until you recover in full.

Swelling, skin irritation or chaffing can be other reactions to the workouts. In such a case, you may apply more water-soluble lubricant. Penis enlargement can also lead to ecchymosis, a condition of skin discoloration caused by the escape of blood (vessel rupture, broken capillaries, and bruising).
In any case, you should remember if any penile problem occurs, immediately stop doing exercises until your penis is fully healed.

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