Penis enlargement is of constant interest among men

A lot of men – even those who have an adequate length and girth of the penis – want to see their manhood larger, firmer and longer. And they look for any way or technique that can help their dreams come true.


Probably, you as an active Internet user have seen hundreds of ads of supplements or surgeries that promise to make your penis as big as never before. But you should activate your mind filters to strain unnecessary and misleading information, and choose a reliable way that can help you solve your problems. It is so difficult to do it nowadays.

We do understand that men are susceptible to things and claims that can help them gain their goals. And from the medical perspective, we can define some thought, desires, concerns and emotions that are common to men from all over the world:

  1. The majority of men who suffer from erection problems or any other sexual dysfunctions do not want to share them with their wives, girlfriends, or visit doctors for professional advice.
  2. The majority of men prefer sharing their sexual problems through indirect talks at work, the Internet chats or forums, at the gyms, health clubs or locker rooms.
  3. Women ensure men that the size of the penis is not important.
  4. One in three men – in spite of their age and race – suffer from erectile dysfunction.
  5. The Kinsey Study reports that an average size of the penis equals to 5.5 inches.
  6. The most common type of cancer that harms men is prostate cancer
  7. In the USA, every year witnesses 38,000 men who die from prostate cancer. And the tendency is constantly increasing.
  8. 50% to 75% of men have benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH).
  9. 90% of men are not satisfied with the size of their penises and their sexual performance.
  10. The majority of men tend to make their penises longer and fuller.

Nowadays, men think that a penis enlargement surgery (known as Phalloplasty) or penile devices (penis stretching or pumping devices like Quick Extender Pro) are the most effective techniques to enlarge their manhood. But we should note that neither penis surgery nor penis devices are appropriate for men who want to gain enlargement goals. s advice can help us a lot.

Hydro Penis Pumps review 2018

Today’s male enhancement industry offers hundreds of penile pumps, and you can find their ads on the Internet or in the magazines. All of them claim to make your penis larger and fuller.
Let’s consider some facts that the ads conceal from you.

The hydro penis pumps are often used by men who suffer from diabetes or circulatory disorders and are dependent on insulin. Sugar metabolism of men who are diagnosed with such diseases prevents normal blood circulation in the body, and the blood can’t normally access the area of the genitalia. The penile pumps help men stretch their penis skin and tissues improving the blood flow and filling the penis with it. You can put the clamp and have sex with it. When you take the clamp off, the erection fades away.

If you use penile pump devices like Bathmate or Penomet regularly, you will not get your penis larger and fuller but make your erections dependable on it.

Some pumps are FDA approved, but remember that they are approved to be used for treating special conditions.
They can help you improve your erection to get your penis into the vagina.

Penile Stretching Devices 2018


You can find a lot of extending devices like Quick Extender Pro or Phallosan Forte, but you should keep in mind that almost all medical penile devices are used to improve the condition of tissues after suspensory ligament surgeries.

These extenders are rarely used and aim at correcting scars or relieving adhesion buildup. You are recommended to wear the stretching devices only immediately after penile surgeries.

Weight Hanging Devices

Weight hanging is a technique that has been used for approximately 2,000 years. It is reported to be used in some African tribes today. Some scientists say that the ancient Egyptian pharaohs used that method to make their manhood larger and fuller.

But, in fact, penis weight hanging does not help increase sex performance and satisfaction. If you use it for a long period, it can extend your penis. However, it will not add an inch to its girth but make your penis thinner.
Some weight was hanging devices can lead to lower blood circulation and death of penile tissues (necrosis).

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery (known as Phalloplasty) is the most expensive, risky and needless way to make male manhood bigger. Either suspensory ligament surgery or penile fat injections can result in adverse side-effects, penis deformity and health complications.

No phalloplasty can strengthen or extend your penile muscles, improve your erection control and maintenance, boost your sexual performance or ensure powerful and intense orgasms.

Some researchers report that even suspensory ligament surgery can make your penis even shorter as scars can be formed in the gaps of the ligament.
Penile surgeries are recommended for men who suffer from micro-penis or other similar conditions.

Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques


A team of doctors spent four years to define natural penis enlargement techniques that worked. And they succeeded to determine how a man can gain their penis enlargement goals without any pills, stretching or weight hanging devices, phalloplasty or injections. They have designed a special program that can ensure additional penis length, girth, and better sexual performance.

Their program does not involve any devices, pumps or surgeries. It comprises natural techniques, new progress in male health offered by the dominant universities, and the results of the research that took the Nobel Prize 2 years ago.
If you want to get more information, you can read the System’s Electronic Manual on www.numberonepill.com

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