Four penis enlargement methods reviewed and tested in 2018

How to Enlarge Penis Effectively


It is probably the very common question and answer to which most men are looking. Yes, men think that only the size of the penis matters. But, women and sexual relations require some other tricks to get pleasure and satisfaction. And, you may have quite an adequate penis to meet those requirements.

Let’s see in detail. How to Measure Penis Are you sure that your manhood is too small, and you need taking any efforts to increase it? Let’s measure it again. If you want to get a precise size of your penis, you should take measurements when erect. You should measure the entire length from its head to its base near the belly. Most doctors and sexual experts report that a normal penis length when erect should be 5.1 to 5.9 inches.

When to Start Penis Enlargement?

Doctors usually recommend enlarging a penis for men who suffer from the micropenis – a penis that is smaller than 2¾ when erect. Research shows that only six men in 1,000 have such an abnormal penis condition. Experts state these are men who require penis enlargement (hormone treatment, surgery, penis pumping and etc.). Other men are considered to have adequate penis sizes and do not need any treatment.

What Penis Enlargement Technique to Choose


Nowadays, the industry offers us lots of penis enlargement methods and supplements. Every manufacturer claims that its products are the best, but most websites have fake testimonials, unproven information and study results.

Some of them can even hide real ingredients – you think that you buy herbal supplements while they contain chemicals, which can harm your health. Yes, Viagra is an effective medicine, but it helps you get and maintain erections rather than increase your size. And you should be careful when taking it and consult your healthcare provider.

Let’s see what penis enlargement methods we have today:

1. Penis Enlargement Surgery


One can choose between two types of enlargement surgery: Lengthening surgery that aims at increasing the length of the penis: This surgery requires the release of the suspensory ligament connecting the penis and the pubic bone. Afterward, you should wear weight hangings for six months to avoid the attachment of the ligament.

Thus, you can increase your penis when flaccid up to an inch, but make no change to the penis when erect. Though your penis is of the same length when erect, its angle can be changed – this complicates your sexual activity, dulls sensations and reduces erections.

Besides, you may experience pain and discomfort. It may also cause more serious side-effects, e.g., erectile dysfunction. Widening Surgery that aims at increasing the girth of the penis: This type of enlargement surgery is considered as more complicated and requires the injection of fats, implantation of tissues or silicone pads. But the implantation method often appears to be ineffective.

The body absorbs fats transplanted, and your penis goes back to its normal size. Another widening method is in its experimental stage: doctors pull back the skin of the penis to wrap a biodegradable frame that is filled with tissue shells around it.

Doctors say that this way can show better results than fat injection or silicone implantation. Any penis enlargement or reconstruction surgery is recommended for men who have the micro-penis or any other penis defect.

2. Penile Devices Extenders, Rings, and Weight Hanging Devices


All of these devices are believed to be simple and easy in use. You should attach the device to your penis and leave for some period to stretch its muscles and tissues. Penile muscles and tissues become longer when you use extenders again and again. But none of the manufacturers says what side-effects you may experience: erectile dysfunction, muscle wear, and tear, tissue wear, and tear, burst blood vessels, lower penile sensation, and others.

No study has approved their positive effects. Besides, you should wear these devices for extended periods of time causing risks to your health and bring no benefits. Hydro Penis Pumps –  you should put your penis into a cylindrical tube of a pump.

3. Creams, Lotions, Gels, and Supplements


Nowadays, you can find a great variety of topical products that claim to contain herbals, nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to make your penis larger and fuller. But no manufacturer wants to disclose its formula saying that this information is confidential.

University and clinical studies have shown that those natural supplements contain pesticides, lead, Escherichia coli bacteria, animal feces etc. How can we buy any product, especially one that you consume when you don’t know what it includes?

A lot of creams and supplement are not clinically studied, and there is no evidence how they counteract with medications or other herbals. Thus, they are not safe for you and can harm your health. There are products, that you can trust: Vig Rx Oil, Maxoderm cream, Prosolution Gel. These creams and gels give instant sexual arousal and make the penis bigger when erected.

4. Penis Enlargement Exercises


Jelqing is the most widespread exercises among men who want to increase their penises. Jelqing motions look like milking: you should grip your penis with your thumb and pointer at its base and slowly move to your glans. The exercise seems to be simple and requires no efforts, but there are no proofs that it is effective.

Besides, if you are too enthusiastic, you may tear penile tissues and muscle and cause erectile dysfunction. Doctors say that jelqing may help men get better with their penises if it is done properly. Though there no evident benefits, this method helps men believe that they can make their sex power more impressive and intense. But you should keep your chin up when you see no results.


These are the most popular techniques used by men to increase their manhood. But you can see that none of them ensures any enlargement effect but requires a lot of money, time and efforts. Besides, they can cause harm to your health and worsen your sexual activity.

If you want to impress you’re your partner, you should remember about some pleasant tricks, use your hands, tongue, and lips, and you’ll see how your sex life becomes better. If you are among those men who worry about your penis size, want to buy some effective product, or try any other enlargement method, you should remember a simple thing: measure twice and cut once.

Dr. Vijaysarathi Ramanathan, the medical sex therapist, and sexual health physician recommends you get as much information as possible, read forums and reviews, and then make your decision. You may visit your health care provider who has adequate information and gives useful and professional advice. Sex therapists help deal with 80% of penis size concerns.

You should also change your mind about your sexual potential and stop worrying as your stress and depression can be primary causes of your sexual failure. Pills, exercises, and other extreme techniques are for men who suffer from medical conditions. Otherwise, you should not risk your health.

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