Why it is so hard to find a penis enlargement motivation that works?

We all want to enlarge our penis, and we do not even think why we want it, but it would be so cool if it became bigger. It is desirable – much more. That’s how we thought about it 5 seconds and forgot.

But then a lot of situations comes when you think about it more consciously. Let’s reflect follows conditions:

  1.  You go to the beach and you think:- “How cool it would be to put on swimming trunks, they are so comfortable”. But still, you choose roomy shorts so that your little, penis won’t eyesore to someone. And when you have already appeared on the beach and see men, which big dick snag their swimming trunks, you think how lucky they were. They get acquainted with women just in the swimming trunks – what a confidence and strength, they have nothing to fear.
  2. In the throes of passion, she grabs your penis, yes, that little cock twisted in your underpants and not yet ready for the action. The saddest thing is when she finds it not at the first attempt. I wonder what she thinks about at this moment? Probably that she will not even feel your penis in her vagina.
  3. You go to the gym, men go 2-3 times a week at least. And every time you have to pull on your underpants and take a towel when you go to the shower. And while you change clothes, trying to hide and turn to the wall away from other people’s eyes. It’s become a habit, but it’s kind of unpleasant. Why do other men with a large penis not think about hiding it quickly in underwear? They walk around waving penis around the locker room and showing their excellence.
  4. When you masturbate, it seems that your penis will become even smaller from this, and it’s called penis shrinking. It’s an unpleasant thought. And it looks like it’s true.
  5. When you see that sex will be right now, you start to think about whether the length of your penis will fit her when she sees him. Or maybe she will laugh when he erects. I wonder if my cock will be still relaxed, what does she think about me, when she looks at him? She might think that I’m a bad lover.
  6. If my penis goes soft after orgasm, she will understand that he is small. Such an unpleasant feeling, especially if she turns her attention to it and says it out loud. Probably, I don’t want to see her anymore, because she said some unflattering things about me.
  7. When we start having sex, I want to put my cock as deep as possible so she can feel how big he is. Although, who am I kidding, I see that I cannot put it too deeply. It seems that the same length as I have can fill her twice. Even if I do not cum right away, I see that I just cannot deliver her vaginal orgasm. And how long after this she will stay with me?
  8. I do not want to walk around her without underwear if the penis is without an erection. He seems so tiny without an erection, and she will find herself a lover with a big cock. So, why does she needs me?
  9. Yes, I read many articles in men’s magazines that penis length is not the main thing. They say that this is all self-doubt, that even a short penis can satisfy a woman. But it does not help me from all this. I see that he is small. My partner always jokes about the small and large penis. I do not want to get a cliché “He has a little cock” because I can never relax even if I can satisfy my sexual partner.
  10. After sex, I know that she will talk about my little penis to her friends and this will be known to my friends and colleagues. I have to live with my little dick, but porn shows men only with a large penis. The standard of male beauty is a beautiful shape and a big cock. And whatever they write in men’s magazines, and whatever sexologists and psychologists reassured, they are all trying to calm us, men with a small penis.


If I want to enlarge my penis, why should not I do this? The reasons can be several:

  • I risk my health, and I do not want to take this risk by increasing a penis surgically. I do not want pain, I do not want discomfort, I do not want to have surgery – as I’m a healthy person. And, after all, I’m not ready to pay 5,000-10,000 dollars for a precarious operation, which may have irreversible consequences.
  • I do not believe in a natural penis enlargement. I know that pills don’t work, stretchers and pumps are some kinds of barbarous tools of bullying on genitals. I do not want to hurt my penis; I don’t know how to do it, and I don’t know who will teach me professionally. I don’t believe in the result that will remain forever.
  • I am aware that pumps and extenders work, but I do not want to waste my time and energy on the infinite stretching of the penis because it’s a routine to which I just don’t mentally prepared. I have my regime existed with my rituals of beauty and health, and I don’t know how to include a penis enlargement routine in it. I need to do this constantly, waiting for the result, which will take many months. And what if it won’t result? What if I just waste my time and be disappointed. What if I choose the wrong product? And suddenly I cannot keep the result. And what if I get addicted on an endless routine to achieve results.
  • If I start increasing my penis, what other people think of me? That I’m not a confident man? That I have psychological problems? That I have complexes? I do not want people around me to think that I’m crazy and not like everyone else. But what if I’m not happy with the length of my penis? If a person is unhappy with his body, he goes to the gym to work on himself. Why am I an unusual and strange person if I just want to increase my penis, so I want so much, and I know that I can?
  • Condemnation of my friends and my sexual partner concern me the most. Actually, I risk becoming a recluse in my problem and I have no one to share the results if any. Why do men tell how they strengthened their muscles, gained weight or dried with such pride? And why I cannot share the results achieved in penis enlargement with anyone?
  • I began to take an interest in world statistics about the average penis size. If I have a small one, I want to know that I’m at least Average. Statistics include the men penis size in different regions of the world; I’m frantically looking for any country where it says that their average penis size is smaller than mine that helps to think I’m still fine. But, what kind of statistic it is? Did someone get into the pants of every man and checked his size? Or is it averaged statistics just like in exit polls before the announcement of the final results of parliamentary elections? All these figures are useless for me. It is more important than my sexual partners are thinking and talking about my penis. Maybe they believe that I cannot satisfy them or just don’t consider me a strong man because of the length of my penis.

At some point, at the age of 35, I was tired of crying and remembering all these thoughts. This is my thoughts, and I’m sure they are in the mind of everyone who owns a small penis.

I decided that no matter what, I must find a way to increase my penis, and comfortably for myself.



It turns out that it’s not so easy to locate the strength to force yourself and convince yourself that every day I start working on the length of my penis. It’s like getting yourself to go to the gym. Yes, there are a lot of people in the gym, and you feel part of this community. If you start a penis enlargement routine, the people around does not help you.

But I realized that forums on the Internet on the subject of penis enlargement are my salvation. I found so much useful information and motivation on forums:

  • I found the most effective methods of increasing the penis
  • I talk with other guys who, like me, are working on their penis enlargement routine
  • I share my results and watch the results of others
  • I find an incentive to work on increasing a penis, and if I don’t get something, I always get support from other members of the forum

So, I want to note: it’s not enough to have your strategy. To decide on a penis enlargement, you need to have a firm and constant motivation. It’s not even that there are no risks in a natural increase. The only thing is that you will always look for reasons not to start your routine if you do not find motivation.



Pills may be a certain way out of the situation for those who don’t want to do exercises for penis enlargement, penis pumping, don’t want to work with extenders and wear them daily. Yes, those are the most magic tablets that in commercial promise penis growth up to 4 inches in 3 weeks. Do they work? Is it worth buying them as a way to increase the penis?

To answer your question, you should just read the forums on the Internet. This question has been asked before you already 1,000,000,000 times. What do you think? Is there an answer? Of course, you can read it yourself, perhaps 1,000,000 times. If you want to see a reply here and now, please, here he is:
“Penis enlargement pills can help you strengthen your erection, but they do not have any relationship to the permanent penis enlargement.”

How great it would be to take just one pill per day and wake up a month later with a penis that is 4 inches longer than usual. But, unfortunately, this is not possible and men who believe in such penis enlargement once and for all give up the idea of using the newfangled herbal remedies.

Penis enlargement routine


So, when you realize that there is no easy way to enlarge a penis, you will come to penile traction techniques. And if you see within the wider, you need to use at least two methods to enlarge the penis, and they will be based on penis stretching or pumping. And it’s better to use both.

The rule is simple: if you want to enlarge a cock, he needs to be stretched. And it does not matter how it will be done – with the help of exercises, stretchers or pumps. You still pull the penis while creating pressure with a pump. Tablets can help you strengthen erectile abilities. Do not forget that our male energy is maintained by the testosterone, and its reserves run out with age. Herbal extracts like L-Arginine, Maca Root, Yohimbe can strengthen our erectile abilities. Who needs a long penis, which is not able to erect?

Perfect strategy of penis enlargement

So, if you are sufficiently motivated and set a clear goal for yourself: I WANT TO INCREASE MY PENIS. You should know:

  1. There are millions such like you are
  2. It was done up to you by hundreds of thousands of men, and in tens of thousands of people it actually happened, they went to the result and reached it
  3. Natural methods of increasing the penis exist. This is a proven medical fact; even conventional surgery cannot deny this. Here are links to official sources, where it is said that the penile traction does work. A post-rehabilitation therapy after a surgical penis enlargement contains methods of penile traction, which in fact is the driving force of natural penis enlargement
  4. Today, millions of participants registered on forums devoted to a penis enlargement, such as thundersplace, pegym, matterforsize. The most authoritative of them have long published their books, and they have proven their methods a million times and received results
  5. If you are married, or you have a loved one, she must support you in what you do. It is essential! You are doomed to failure without such support. A man is arranged in such a way that he needs constant approval of people entrusted to him in his actions. Otherwise, disappointment comes
  6. The result you are aiming for is a penis enlargement of 2-4 inches both in length and width. Your penis will be longer even in a relaxed position.

You will never feel embarrassed again because of the size of your penis. You will learn to be proud of him and be able to achieve incredible victories in your sex life.

The program that works


So, if you have 20-30 hours of free time, here are the links for learning techniques, practices and useful tools for increasing the penis:
If you’ve already read this or do not want to do this, here’s a useful program to enlarge the penis. These sources confirm this

  • Exercises to increase the penis. It’s Jelqing and Kegels. Working instructions are usually paid access, whether it’s a book on Amazon from an official forum member, or a site like ErectionFitness, access to which is paid. But after the purchase of participation you get:

– detailed instructions
– video and photo lessons
– specialist consultation 24/7

  • Bathmate and Penomet pump to increase the penis. Their effectiveness is medically proven, and their use does not take much time. This is their advantage over penis extenders, which you need to wear on the penis for hours, which can cause discomfort.
  • Vig Rx Plus pills help to strengthen the erection and increase your endurance in sex. This is important; you must be sure that while increasing the penis, your construction will be robust and long to deliver pleasure to the partner. Agree, it would be insulting to have a long penis and a weak erection. Plus nutrition is an important process for the overall strategy of penis enlargement because men who take tablets report about early results in penis growth both in length and width.

I write this article based on my personal experience. I’ve been writing tablets reviews for ten years already, and I always being guided by authoritative opinion, while I never dared to enlarge my penis, saying that I don’t need it. But all these ten years I was tormented by the fact that I could not be proud of my little penis.

Now everything has changed. I spent six months working on my results, and I know where to get the information I need. All have turned out quickly for me, and the result did not keep itself waiting long. I have already done what millions of men all over the world are dreaming of, and I am proud of my achievements, and I hasten to share my experience with readers and say “I did it, and you can!” Not just unfoundedly, but with references to those sources of information that helped me to convert the desire into reality.

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