The best penis pumps for fast and guaranteed penis enlargement

We’ve heard a lot about pumps for penis enlargement. Let’s see how this method can be useful and safe for you?

Agree, it would be nice to increase the penis size naturally and safely. But there are some questions:

  1. What does a penis pump do?
  2. How does a penis pump work?
  3. What is the difference between hydro and air pumps?
  4. What customers reviews say about penis pumps?
  5. Real penis pumping results?
  6. Is it safe to use penis pumps?
  7. How to use a penis pump?
  8. Which penis pump is the best?

This article will help you to thoroughly sort out how the penis pump works, what results are to be expected and whether it would be dangerous for your penis. If you are looking for the best penis pump – we will help here to find the one for you.

So, what does a penis pump do?


Bathmate extends the tissue due to the pressure created by the vacuum around the penis. When the influence of the vacuum in the tube increases, water is released, and the generated pressure pumps blood into the corpora cavernosa, thereby expanding the penis. Due to the elastic tissue in this area, it is possible in a natural way to stretch the penis and make its size bigger both in length and width.

How does a penis pump work?

The pump works to expand the tissue. Water is used for process safety and guaranteed result. And, it will become visible right after the first use of the pump. It is essential that your penis increases in length and width in both erected and soft state. In fact, pumping with Bathmate is similar to your training in the hall where you go several times a week to get a sports body.

Fitness for the penis is also important and give results. And, it’s not just about increasing the penis size, although this is the most critical effect of the pump. However, you should know that the use of Bathmate helps to strengthen your erection and make it more prolonged.

There is the main advantage of using hydro pumps which distinguish it from any other vacuum pump. Due to the water in the tube, it is possible to get the most balanced pressure that is responsible for effective penis enlargement. In this case, you will not see any side effects of such pumping. This is one of the main advantages of a hydro pump.

What is the difference between hydro and air pumps


Air pumps

Ordinary air pumps are usually used to improve the erection, as well as its maintaining for a while. Such pumps create a vacuum which helps to fill the penis with blood. In fact, a man without problems with erection gets the same effect when he turned on, as with an air pump.

The issue of this type of pump is that the tissues of the penis can be damaged in case of frequent use. Also, the effect of penis enlargement is not constant or stable, and the results are very unpredictable.

The most famous pump for penis enlargement was Kaplan, but no one has been buying it for a long time since there were hydro pumps capable to efficiently promote the increase in the penis size in length and width in a short time without any risks or rollback of the result to its initial values.

Hydro pumps


It this type instead of air, water is the source of blood flow into the penis. Typically, such pumps greatly simplify the process of penis size increasing and erection. In fact, the penis does not meet with compression, as in the case of air device. As a result, microtraumas do not occur as much as in the case of an air pump.

The more comfortable, safe, soft and efficient operation of hydro pumps has won the trust of a million buyers of the Bathmate device, which is considered the world’s first clinically proven device for penis enlargement which based on hydro pumping technology. Due to the steady allocation of pressure inside the tube, the penis is stretched in length and width both while being erected, and the result is maintained even when it is soft.

Warm water comforts tissues that have been met pressure and thus is better stretched without harm. Warm water calms microtraumas, which are necessary for stretching the tissue. Then it will become easier and easier to stretch the tissue. Since constant vacuum pumping is not required, hydro pumps are considered the most harmless to use.

Due to the pressure in the tube, the blood begins to vigorously flow into the penis, which is helped to get rid of problems with a bad erection and it is helped to stretch the penis in length and width.

Real penis pumping results


Water pumps for penis enlargement are famous for the speed of obtaining results. In fact, after the pumping, you can already see the first results, even if you use the pump for the first time. Due to its operating principle, such water pumps as Bathmate and Penomet can stretch the penis using the pressure created inside the tube with the filled water. These penis pumps are top rated on male enhancement forums, where people discuss the best male enhancement pumps.

The growth of tissues occurs due to the stretching of corpora cavernosa and filling it with blood. Usually, the increase of a half size happens after a month of using the pump. This means that the penis increases in a half size every month both in length and width. This is an important feature of the pumps for penis enlargement.

Since, when using a device for stretching a penis, often the only width increases, but not its length. This is due to uneven pressure on the tissue of the penis. In this regard, pumps are much more efficient and give a more desirable result. You can only use the pump and nothing else to get the stable, increasing process in the penis length and width.

If you use techniques for penis enlargement or extenders, then you need to combine both to obtain uniform enlargement. During the first three months, you can get plus 1-3 inches. And the growth is permanent both in a soft state and when erect. This distinguishes the result of the operation of the hydro pump and the air pump. After using the air one, you will get the temporary penis enlargement. Read this Bathmate Hydromax review to find out how it works

Is it safe to use penis pumps?


To answer this question, it is enough to read the reviews of other buyers who have already experienced the pump and can share his impressions. For example, the Bathmate pump does not have a sensor like in air pumps. So, the question arises: is it safe?

Bathmate is the most popular penis pumps, and it is entirely safe, as this product is made according to all medical standards and its construct was tested on a large number of men. In fact, the design of Bathmate provides fail-safe mechanisms that just will not allow you to somehow damage the penis because it’s just technically impossible.

But if you want to be safe, you must follow simple safety instructions: do not use the pump for more than 20 minutes a day. The effectiveness and safety of hydro pumps are scientifically proven, and in medicine, such pumps are most often prescribed for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. They began to be used for the penis enlargement just recently.

How to use the best penis pump


Take the user manual of the Bathmate pump, because men often choose this pump as a device for increasing the penis size:

  • Take a bath or shower as usual
  • Fill the tube with warm water and put your penis in it
  • Let the pump work for 5 minutes in this mode
  • Remove the pump for as long as you wash up.
  • Then again put the penis into the tube for 5-20 minutes, you can make short breaks and then put the penis into the pump again.

Which penis pump is the best?


Today, two hydro pumps, Bathmate and Penomet had proved themselves as the best in the market. The choice can be made quite simply, although the differences are quite obvious. The technology of these pumps is different. Penomet offers an innovative interchangeable Gaiter System, which allows very gently regulate the load.

Moreover, the pump can be used for 5 minutes less than Bathmate, and the result will be more rapid, and the growth can be up to 3 inches. Penomet got many prestigious awards, and it is also recommended by doctors.

Penomet has some important medical certificates of quality. However, it is less popular and sold less, although we would recommend it for beginners and those men who want to buy the safest device for penis enlargement.

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