Jelq Device vs. Manual Jelqing. What to choose?

Jelqing is a natural way to make your penis larger with no additional equipment but your hands only. The penis is made of three main chambers and spongy tissues containing the blood. When they are filled with blood, you get an erection. The more blood they accumulate, the harder erection you may experience. If you do the exercises on a regular basis, the tissues will become fuller and longer increasing the size of your penis (as it contains no bones).


The jelqing technique is based on the principle of milking that helps send blood to the penile tissues and makes them expand. This exercise is a tradition of Arabic men passed from generation to generation for hundreds of years. The Jelq device (order on the official site) is a penile exercise device designed to enlarge the penis. This technology helps overcome difficulties men may meet during manual jelqing and facilitate enlargement exercises.

Also, the Jelq device ensures better and faster results. The Jelq device applies constant pressure to the shaft of the penis stimulating new tissues to grow and existing cells to multiply. It improves blood circulation in the penile area. Using this product on a regular basis will make your penis healthier, fuller and stronger. Jelq Device Advantages The Jelq Device is developed for men who want to increase the size of the penis naturally and avoid any side effects. This mechanism offers men high quality, excellent effectiveness, and fast results.


The Jelq device  does not require any spare parts to be replaced every time but makes your exercising process more enjoyable and easier. You should wear the device only 15 minutes a day, and you will see positive changes in three weeks. The mechanism appears to be one of the best in the industry, and 82% of men report that they have managed to achieve permanent results.

In addition to a longer and fuller penis, you will experience higher libido and sexual stamina, harder erections, and better self-confidence. Manual Jelqing Disadvantages The Jelq device aims at extending the tissues that are inside your penis, and its rollers are never blocked. Thus, you penile skin cannot be damaged in contrast to manual jelqing where you pull your skin rather than internal tissues.

In such cases, manual jelqing can lead to skin irritation or skin extension (instead of internal penile tissues). And this is not a way out as you want to enlarge your penis. Besides, pulling the skin up and down requires applying some oils to avoid any side effects. Manual exercises are very exhausting and take more time.


Let’s compare these two techniques and see the results:

Based on the comparison, we can state that the Jelq device is more efficient and safer. It is an excellent solution for men who want to enlarge their manhood.

In addition to a longer penis, you will also get: 

– Greater circumference
– Better erections
– Stronger sexual stamina
– Higher sex drive

The Jelq device  will help your penis grow and become healthier and stronger any time you need it. You will see positive results on a daily basis. Enjoy your fantastic sexual dreams and sensations!

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