Let’s Face the Truth about Penis Enlargement Products


Nowadays, the male enhancement market offers us an enormous amount of creams, pills, gels, liquids or devices that promise to enlarge your penis, increase your erections, prolong your performance, or make your orgasms more powerful. And you probably suspect that most of them are fake, the so-called scams aiming at receiving profit. Men who desire to increase their manhood are the easiest way for a lot of companies to make money.

Enough Is as Good as a Feast

To say the truth, your sexual ability, performance and satisfaction do not nessassary depend on the size of your penis. Surveys and studies show that it is hardness and thickness that play a critical role. You should also know that an average penis is three to five inches when flaccid, and five to seven inches when erect.


If you still want to enlarge your manhood and think that it can improve your self-confidence and relationship, you are recommended to use Vig Rx Plus pills, that are clinically proven to work. If you have some additional fat in the area of the belly or hips, it can make your penis look smaller. Remember that every 35 pounds of excessive weight shade an inch of your penis length.

All That Glitters Is Not Always Gold

Natural supplements are marketed everywhere and seem to be the best solution for men who are seeking for how to make their manhood longer, fuller, and stronger. You can easily buy them from stores or the Internet and in a discreet package so no one will know what is inside. They contain 100%-natural and safe ingredients that should not cause any harm to your health. And the prices are quite affordable(1 bottle of Vig Rx Plus costs $76.99).


But all that glitters is not gold. FDA has recently recalled a lot of natural pills, and the reason is that most of them contain hidden compounds. A 2009 Internet survey carried out by the FDA showed that 30 percent of the so-called natural supplements contained prescription or similar ingredients that could be useless for you. If you suffer from heart conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes or any other disease, these pills are not recommended for you.


Most of the supplements contain well-known herbals, vitamins and nutrients such as Ginseng, L-Arginine, and L-Carnitine. They do show positive results improving blood circulation, erections, and overall sexual function. A 2015 study evidenced that citrulline could also have positive effect making your erections firmer and fuller (50% of participants noticed the improvement). But a deeper research is required to exclude any side-effects that customers can experience.

If you think that you need some supplements to improve your sexual health, you can buy Vig Rx Plus.

Healthy Hearth Is a Guarantee of Unbelievable Sex


You should remember that your heart is an engine of your body. If it fails to function properly or your cardiovascular condition is poor, it can cause sexual problems, including low blood flow, erectile dysfunction, or short-lasting performance. You should reduce your heart disease risk to a minimum not to allow that your heart rate prevents you from sexual pleasure. You may think that a pill of wonder is the best way out, but we would recommend you visiting your healthcare provider to discuss the problem.

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