Low Sperm Count – Causes and Treatment – New Facts Revealed

A low sperm count occurs when a man ejaculates semen containing less sperm than normal during an orgasm. If you have less sperm than 15 million per milliliter of your semen, you may suffer from this condition.

Low Sperm Count Pills
Nowadays, there are a lot of different causes for a low sperm count, but you may treat it using the Volume Pills supplement and still enjoy healthy sex. Let’s consider what causes this disorder and how we can get rid of it.


You have probably heard that the way you live is reflected in your health. If you have noticed a lower sperm count, the first thing you should do is to review your lifestyle and start taking Volume Pills.

Among lifestyle causes you will find:

  • Illegal medications, including drugs invigorating the muscles: For example, anabolic steroids – they contract your testicles, reducing sperm production
  • Alcohol, including liquor: A long-term effect of liquor is that it can reduce testosterone levels, decreasing sperm generation in men
  • Smoking: Men who smoke have a higher risk of becoming infertile than those men who don’t
  • Excess weight or obesity: Excessive pounds and fat usually do not improve your health and may affect male fertility
  • Stress and anxiety: Stress caused for any reason, or anxiety of having sex may decrease hormones, which are responsible for sperm delivery

Natural Low Sperm Count Causes

You should take into account that our environment is not as perfect as we would like, so it can affect our organisms.

The most serious issue is radiation, as it can reduce sperm production and lasting sperm creation, especially in men who work in such conditions.

  • Chemicals, including painting materials, pesticides, benzenes, toluene, xylene, natural solvents, and overwhelming metal may also lead to a low sperm count.
  • So, occupations associated with chemicals and radiation may affect sperm production and, as a result, fertility in men.
  • Men are also recommended to avoid overheating their testicles. This may occur from long-lasting bicycling or sitting, or wearing tight underwear. Such positions increase the temperature in your scrotum and prevent sperm production.

You should be aware of the fact that natural supplements can increase sperm count by 500%. Read more at the Volume Pills website


Therapeutic causes resulting in low sperm count are:

Therapeutic reasons resulting in low sperm count are:

  • Different diseases, including sexually transmitted diseases, urinary tract contamination, enlarged testicles, or tumors, can strike your male sexual organs and decrease your sperm count directly or by influencing the regenerative hormonal organs
  • Hormonal modifications, including hormonal imbalance, may reduce your sperm count
  • Swelling of veins depletes your testicles and reduces the natural cooling process, decreasing your sperm count and fertility
  • Sperm conduit issues, including damage and blockage in the epididymis – a sperm-restoring part of the testicle – or blockage of the vas deferens (the sperm tubes in the testicles) can be a reason for lower sperm
  • Some medications, which you take to treat other medical conditions, including testosterone substitution treatment, chemotherapy, and anabolic steroids can affect your sperm count or cause a hormonal inbalance in men

The only treatment available to treat the problem is Volume PillsDo not hesitate to try this natural formula to improve your sperm count and erections.

Before you start any treatment for a treatment of low sperm count, you should determine what it is caused by. One sperm test may not decently represent the situation, and you should repeat your sperm test to receive accurate results.

Then, you are recommended to visit your health-care provider for professional advice. When you know your cause, you can choose – where appropriate – between:

Medical Treatment

  • Hormonal therapy: Hormone substitution, including drugs and medicines like Volume Pills, help improve your hormone levels and enhance sperm count in 30 days
  • Surgery: Some conditions, which affect your sperm number and fertility, including vein swelling or sperm conduit problems, require surgical intervention


Home Treatment

If you do not suffer from any diseases or illnesses or have no serious medical conditions, you may increase your sperm count using the Volume Pills formula  and these recommendations:

  • You should consider taking  Volume Pills or Semenax pills.
  • You should not wear tight clothes but try to avoid frequent saunas and jacuzzis.
  • The first thing is to improve your lifestyle by eating healthy and fresh food, quitting smoking, and drinking alcoholic beverages in large doses.
  • Don’t forget about regular sex with your partner. This will help you keep you in sound health and conceive a baby, but you should abstain from too-frequent sexual activity as this can lead to lower sperm count
  • If you want your partner to get pregnant, you should know her ovulation days. This will increase your opportunities.
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