MaleEdge penis extender truth

MaleEdge is a natural penis enlargement extender designed by people who produced a successful JesExtender. The company provides the same CE Medical Certification, the scrupulous and extensive study and development. JesExtender research has proved that the mechanical penis enlargement device is effective and its developer is a real innovator and perfect enlarger producer.

By designing MaleEdge, they continue improving their device and making happy their clients. JesExtender had great success among its users, and nobody expected to see the better device. But MaleEdge exceeded all expectations.
Besides, the producer provides the Double Refund Guarantee and the Warranty.


How to Use MaleEdge device

MaleEdge is simple to use and comfortable to wear. It is based on the silicone strap system, no traditional or more common silicone noose is used. We can have a long talk discussing what system is better, but straps are deemed to be safer and more comfortable.

The strap system ensures a wider area for friction and more even pressure distribution on the glands of your penis reducing skin pinches and the possibility of the penis head to slip that can be caused by the sustained use. The straps are coupled with the included gauze, so the system is comfortable and secure.

This penis extender fits for little penises, so you do not need to order a special micro enlargement device and pay for it additional money. It is possible due to the Male Edge reversible headpiece. The pull and snap support rods help you easily adjust the tension and pee when wearing the extender.

And pay your attention that the rods are a completely innovative and unique part of the male enlargement device. And do not try to get rid of the rods as a device is molded from plastic and has the flexible parts for snapping and there is a risk that something can become loose or unsnapped.


Does It Cure Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s disease is caused by scar tissue developed along the length of the penis and causing the penis to bend. 5% of men suffer from this disorder and most of them feel bad about it. But they have even no idea that it can be corrected with the penis extender. Male Edge can help you cure penile curvature and completely correct your penis within 2-3 months of the usage.

MaleEdge Design and Package

The package of MaleEdge looks like a retail store style box, therefore some can think that this extender can be purchased from sex shops or drug stores. This package contains the zippered leather box inside where the MaleEdge logo is specified. All the parts of the device the including straps, base, and headpiece are packed in the sanitary plastic sleeves and stored in their respective storage spots.

It also includes the CD with the digital manual, exercise routines, instructions for use, and video guidance that is packed behind the strap on the top inside of the box. You can find there a measuring ruler that will help you control your progress. Please note that you should take the 2 minutes a week and log your results to receive the double money back guarantee.

You can buy any of three variations of the devices: the Basic, Extra, and Pro. Usually, male enhancement companies offer a higher package for gaining longer length of your penis. For example, you can extend your penis to 7 inches with the basic variation, and to 10 inches with the premium package that includes more extension bars.

But MaleEdge has another extension offer with no additional rods to be used. It uses a pull out system with small notches that snap in place. Therefore, you can reach up to 9 inches in length when applying MaleEdge extender.

Despite the innovated extender system, some can find that its quality is lower than they expect. This enhancement device has a great look and is quite aesthetical. The producer has made its best to develop its innovated product that helps men enlarge their penises. But it can be good for those who do not move much and can use it in private environment.

When you move much wearing the extender, the front piece strapped around your head comes loose from the bars requiring reattaching it. So you should often take breaks and go to a private room to adjust it. Besides, a loose device annoys you and makes feel uncomfortable.

Privacy and Shipping Information

The purchase price includes shipping. The device is shipped through UPS or USPS in a simple brown shipping box. If you make your order before 1PM CST, you will receive it the same day. All the orders are billed as “GJ Global LLC” to avoid questions about the charges on your credit card.

The company ships its devices to 150 countries worldwide and even a PO BOX, so you do not need to explain anybody what you have received by mail.

How to the Best Variation

As I have been using this extender for only 10 days, I cannot say whether it really works. I have to wait at least 6 months to gain the noticeable results. I order the Pro variation and received an additional couple of rods and the DVD with the instruction. But I think that these things are odd as velcro mod is the way to go and you can find the video instructions on their website.

So, the Pro seems not to offer any benefits. Besides, all three models are the same but differ in color. So, I would recommend purchasing the cheapest MaleEdge and trying what it offers.

MaleEdge Advantages and Disadvantages

Let’s now consider whether it is worth buying this penis extender and start with its advantages:

  1. You can easily change the settings when you want to increase the tension by simply moving each bar forward one notch (it includes 8 notches indication it will only get a little harder once you got to #8) moving the headpiece to a different notch. If you want to disconnect the part that attaches to the penis head from the base but it doesn’t take a lot of time and is easy.

    I can say that it is a big advantage over SG as to change the tension there, you have to take every piece off and add a new one in by screwing it. In any case, it seems to be more complex.

  2. The device is very easy, but I am not sure it can influence the comfort.
  3. The price is low, and you can buy the cheapest model for less than $200.

If you can find a cheaper extender, consider it as a disadvantage.

MaleEdge disadvantages:

  1. ME parts are cheaper than SizeGenetics but it is made of plastic while the latter is metal. But plastic makes it lighter and it is easier to adjust it. So, I can only say that you should be careful with it as this extender is plastic (95%) and probably produced in China or so.
  2. Frankly speaking, I am pleased that I have bought this device as it is easier to hurt your penis with metal hard and sharp parts as you virile friend is soft and sensitive. As I have just started using this device, I will continue writing about its enlargement effects and register my gains.
  3. Though its results and technology seem to be similar to the SizeGenetics extender, I hope I will gain the enlargement heights with it. I want to believe that the Jes Extender developer has made its best when designing Male Edge.

The high quality of MaleEdge can be easily proved and all and any production processes can be easily controlled as the extenders are produced in Denmark.

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