Penis Pump Results Confirmed Officially in 2019(Before/After)

Penis Pump Results Confirmed Officially in 2019(Before/After) 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes

Penis pumping is widely used by men who desire to make their manhood larger, fuller and firmer. You may choose hydro pumps online on and, and follow the instructions set by the manufacturer.

But we have prepared for you penis pumping techniques, which can help you gain incredible results in size, erection, and ejaculation.

If you are just a beginner, be careful and should not neglect rules and consistency. As our organisms are different, some men can achieve faster and higher effects while others need more time to accumulate the results. Get relaxed and stay positive – be patient and you’ll notice how your penis starts changing for better.

Penis Pumping Results Reviewed(Before/After pictures)

Penis pumping mainly aims at increasing the girth of a penis by expanding inner penile chambers and making it thicker and fuller. Some advanced users claim that they succeeded to gain improvements both in length and girth, but I should be rather an exception than a rule.

If you want to make your penis longer, you are recommended using penis extenders, stretching devices, or doing exercises that can help you with it (jelqing or stretching or both in combination).

You may have heard such a word as ‘packing’ in the penis enhancement world. It refers to an increase in girth – how much inner penile chambers are filled completely. You can find other benefits of penis pumps if you read forum posts and learn before and after pictures.

And you may see your gains immediately when using a hydro penis pump as it has a special measurement gauge pre-printed on its cylinder. These penis pump results can be seen in 30-90 days.

The more a pump tube is packed, the higher the effect you have achieved. It means that your penis pumping routine works, and you can make your gains permanent. So, hen you are ready to increase your manhood in length and girth, here are the best practices for you.

TOP 3 penis enlargement pumps on the market (2019)

If you visit different penis pumping threads on forums you will see thousands of posts on those 3 best selling products:

#1) Penomet (100 000+ customer reviews)

It’s a water-assisted pump that works for most men (the success rate is around 87%).

Why choose it? Well, it’s safe, comfortable and effective at the same time. The results of using Penomet are extraordinary +3 inches in length +30% in girth. It’s also backed up with a 60 days money-back guarantee. It’s worth to invest in your comfort and safety and gain extra size in weeks. You can find more answers to your questions by visiting

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#2) Bathmate (more than 10 000 published reviews)

You will need only 15 minutes a day to achieve results with BATHMATE. It was made in the UK and the quality of this pump is decent. You can choose from the variety of penis pumps to reach your personal goals.

This product is clinically proven to be safe, it’s made from medical grade materials, so you can be assured you buy the best product possible. Money-back is also available and can be applied per request. Visit official Bathmate website for more info

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#3) Hydromax (3 000 active customer reviews on forums)

This pump uses its own unique technology that helps you to control the pumping process and make it gentle and comfortable. It has a handball as an option, so you can decide whatever to use it. The accessories pack is compact for traveling. It has been clinically approved by Aspen Clinical Research.

You will see the results within the first 60 days of using Hydromax or money back. is your first source to start learning the product. It’s available for your purchase as well.

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Penis Pumping Techniques

Nowadays, you can find a great variety of pumps, including air vacuum pumps and hydro pumps. And to gain the heights in penis enhancement, you are recommended combining pumping routines and exercises like stretching or jelqing.

You should pay special attention to the pumping process rather than to a cylindrical tube and inserting process. Let’s consider the most effective pumping techniques, which can make your penis harder, fuller and more attractive.

The correct pumping routines will speed up your gains and help avoid any harm

  1.  Milking is one of the most widespread and effective pumping techniques among men all over the world. It helps them regulate and maintain healthy blood circulation and stimulate inner penile chambers. Besides, it is easy to use and has similarities with the masturbation process – you move a cylindrical tube of the pump up and down on the shaft of your penis. Please start the process when your manhood has got used to the pressure of the pump – in 5 to 7 minutes after the start. When milking, you should avoid applying force, your moves should be slow, moderate and smooth. It is recommended to do milking in short sets as a long-lasting procedure can result in the so-called donut effect (when the skin around the head of the penis puffs out). This effect can be the result of abrupt pressure applied to the penis when moving the tube up and down.
  2. Pulse pumping is a technique based on changing the levels of pressure applied to one session. If you change the pressure when pumping your penis, it causes penile tissues to dilate better and accumulate more blood. This technique is considered as very effective and is highly competitive with the abovementioned milking technique. It is applied to improve blood circulation in the penis and expand inner penile chambers. You may start from 5in/Hg that is the highest pressure level within a session, and change this gradually decreasing it every30 minutes. When the level of pressure reaches zero, you should quickly return to the highest point within the session – 5in/Hg. Then repeat the procedure. The penis pumping results will be impressive.
  3. Wrapping is one of the easiest pumping techniques. During your pumping session, you should wrap the cylinder tube of the penis pump with a heating device – the best one you can find is an electric heating device. It will produce heat around the shaft of your penis and keep the warmth to increase blood flow. And you should know that the higher blood flows your experience, the fuller penis you can get. But be careful and do not leave the heating device around your penis for an extended period. The tube of the penis pump becomes hot very quickly. It can lead to blisters and, consequently, seriously damage your manhood.
  4. The shakes technique is recommended for men who want to make their erections firmer and harder. It helps drive blood flow to the penis and stimulate penile nerve endings. If you want to achieve the highest effect, you should apply this technique when the penis is erect. Yes, it’s hard to get erected when your penis is inside the pump, but the result is worth the cost. This technique does not take a lot of effort and time: you should shake the cylindrical tube of the pump up and down by hand or swinging your hips. Do not apply much force when doing shakes; it should be forceful enough to get a higher erection. You may also change the intensity of shakes along with up and down motions – this will ensure the stretching at the base of your penis.

Penis Pumping Mistakes and Tips to Get Fast Results

Usually, men who want to make their penises larger desire to see immediate results and take extreme measures to gain the heights. But you should remember that enough is as good as a feast. You might have read about various pumping injuries on forums or when talking with your friends.

But almost all of them can be avoided if men apply proper techniques and strictly follow the instructions rather than strive for effect.

Avoid Long Sessions

If you think that you can gain better or faster results when using pumps for extended periods of time, you are wrong. It is the commonest mistake that causes penile injuries and damages – no positive effects.

You should read the instruction of the pump manufacturer and avoid any excessive time of use not to harm your penis. Otherwise, pumping can lead to the donut effect, redness, or swelling.

Avoid Forceful Moves

Your penis is a tiny, delicate and sensitive part of your body that requires delicate and sensitive touches. Nothing likes force and jerks, especially when they cause pain, discomfort, and harm to your health. And remember the slower and more methodical moves you apply, the better penis growth result you can achieve.

Avoid Overpumping

In fact, it is very easy for men to use the Bathmate pump over their penises when applying penis pumping techniques. If you have tried them (of course, correctly), you know that the pressure the Bathmate pump produces inside is gentle, libidinous and pleasant. You feel no pain or discomfort during a session and, thus, want to enjoy the process more and more.

For most men, this is an adequate reason to forget about time and that they are making love with a pump, and deepen into a pleasant process. If you do not monitor time, you can over pump and cause injuries to your manhood. So, you should not lose your consciousness – enjoy the process by following the instructions during a pumping session to receive penis enlargement results.

Please be cautious and apply pressure sensibly

This will help keep your penis safe and sound. Beginners are recommended to start with elementary sessions and avoid pumping routines used by advanced users. To leave behind your question, pumping your penis up to five hours a day is extremely dangerous for a beginner.

Beginners are recommended to pumping their penises for 30 minutes per session and take two sessions a day. If you are an intermediate user, your pumping session should not last longer than an hour or an hour and a half. Advanced users can have several sessions up to 3 hours during a day.

Make Pauses

When you are pumping your penis using a Bathmate pump, more blood arrives, and short pauses can help you release the pressure built-up and properly distribute blood accumulated in the penile tissues. You are recommended taking three to five-minute breaks every 15 minutes if you apply high pumping pressure. If you are pumping at low levels, you can make pauses every 30 minutes.

During such breaks, you can do penile exercises (including jelqing and stretching), which help you improve the result.

Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Bathmate pump contains guidelines developed for all kinds of users. They may vary as the manufactured pumps also vary. Usually, manufacturers test their products and know exactly how they work and how you should use them. The guidelines may also include basic pumping techniques described in detail. Safety limits are provided to avoid any harm or injury that can be caused to your little friend and decrease your erections.

Consult a Coach

Are you a beginner? Do you have no idea how to start the whole process? You may visit a for professional advice. Besides, you can search the Internet and find online penis pumping techniques. Members of penis enlargement forums can explain how you should start and what pumping routine is better for you, monitor your progress and tell when you should take the next level. Be careful, take your time and the result will not keep you waiting long.

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