Medical Research into Penis Traction

Is It Effective and Safe?

Nowadays, we can find numerous methods that help men improve their manhood. You can choose between alternative and medical treatment, you can choose among pills, creams, devices, pumps, and surgery. The male enhancement industry offers you as much as you wish. But what of them can cause the least harm to your health? What is effective and safe? Today, we’ll consider penis traction as a penis enlargement technique.


Penile traction involves an extender or a stretcher that is attached to the penis to lengthen it. There is evidence that penis traction devices help reduce penis curvature and deformity. In recent years, there have been made a lot of clinical studies to define the effectiveness and safety of such a penis enlargement method.  Let’s have a look at what they say.

1.    Effects on Penile Size with Penile Extensor by Traction Force – Z Lee and others, 2005

The clinical research was conducted by the medical experts from Institute of Andrology, Renji Hospital, Shanghai, defining the effectiveness and safety of penile traction.

The study took three months and involved 30 men aged 16 to 40. During the clinical trial, the participants wore a penile traction device 9 hours a day for three months.

Let’s consider its results:

•    The 3-month treatment resulted in 2 cm (0.79 in) increase in the penis length when erect, and 2.1 cm (0.83 in) when flaccid in average.
•    The treatment also showed an average 1.9 cm (0.75 in) increase in penis girth when erect, and 1.8 cm (0.71 in) when flaccid.
•    The effectiveness rate gained 100% among the participants.
•    No complications or negative reactions were reported.

The results showed that the penile traction device could increase the penis both in length and girth. Additionally, it caused no side-effects and was assessed as safe.


2.    Efficacy of the Daily Penis Stretching Technique to Elongate the “Small Penis” – Colpi and others, 2002

The trial was conducted by the researchers from San Paolo Hospital, Milan, Italy. Presenting its results to the Congress of (ESSI) in Hamburg, Germany, and publishing them in the International Journal for Impotence Research in 2002.
Nine men aged 26 through 43 experiencing the penis size anxiety participated in the research. Based on the average medical assessment, all of the participants had normal penis sizes but believed to the contrary. Therefore, the name of the study contains “Small Penis” phrase.

The study took 4months where the participants were using a medical penis traction device of Type 1 six hours a day.

Let’s consider its results:

•    Four months of traction showed 0.8 cm increase in the penis length when erect in average.
•    The participants who used the traction device for more than six hours a day gained better results. By employing the device for 7 to 9 hours daily, they added between 2.4 and 3.1 cm (0.94 and 1.22 in) in the penis length when erect.
•    No participants reported on any complications or negative reactions.
Based on the result received, it was concluded that the penis length increased proportionally to the daily traction period. In other words, the longer the patient wore his traction device for a day, the better results he received.

3.    Penile Enlargement Without Surgery – Gomez de Diego and others,  2001

The medical study was carried out by Dr. Eduardo A. Gomez de Diego, a Spanish Urologist presenting its scientific data to the Sexology and Sexual Education Congress in February 2001.
37 healthy men aged 22 through 60 with no erectile function problems and no penis enlargement surgeries participated in the study.
The research took six months using a medical penile traction device of Type 1 and applying the force:
    0-4 weeks: 600g
    4-8 weeks: 900g
    8– 6 weeks: 1100g
    16-24 weeks: 1200g


Let’s consider its results:

•    After one month of traction, the participants gained additional 0.4726 cm (0.186 in) in length when erect, and 0.4834 cm (0.19 in) in length when flaccid
•    After three months, the participants gained additional 1.4118 cm (0.556 in) in length when erect, and 1.1522 cm (0.454 in) in length when flaccid
•    After four months, the participants gained additional 1.8462 cm (0.727 in) in length when erect, and 1.5809 cm (0.622 in) in length when flaccid
•    After five months, the participants gained additional 2.2750 cm (0.896 in) in length when erect, and 1.7656 cm (0.695 in) in length when flaccid
•    After six months, the participants gained additional 3.3333 cm (1.312 in) in length when erect, and 2.8162 cm (1.109 in) in length when flaccid
•    A 6-month treatment resulted in 27.5% increase in penis length when erect in average
•    A 6-month treatment showed 0.81 cm (0.32 in) increase in penis girth when erect, and 0.84 cm (0.33 in) when flaccid.

Based on the results received, we can conclude that a traction device can and does increase the penis length both when erect and flaccid. The increase in the length is proportional to the traction period, and is not related to or does not depend on the initial length of the penis or patient’s age: all participants have experienced similar gains. It is also admitted that the penile traction device shows a positive increase in the girth (up to 0.81 cm when erect, and 0.84 when flaccid).

4.    Tractive Elongation of the Penis using Stretching – Sienna, 1998

The medical research was carried out by Jorn Ege Siana, MD and a Danish plastic surgeon and the urologist specializing in male genitalia problems. It was presented at International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery and published in April 1998. The results were similar to those specified above.

18 test subjects aged 23 through 47 with normal erectile function participated in it. None of the participants had undergone any penis enlargement surgeries. The test took 26 weeks where the men used traction devices for 1,100 hours in general with a medical check-up every two weeks.


They used a medical penile traction device of Type one with the force:

    0-2 weeks: 900-1000g
    2-24 weeks: 1000-1200g

Let’s consider its results:

•    All participants gained positive effects
•    On average, the participants added 29% to their penis length when erect
•    1,100 hours of penile traction resulted in 2.8 cm (1.1 in) increase in the penis length when erect
•    On the weekly basis, the participants gained 13% increase after eight weeks, 19% increase after 16 weeks, 24% increase after 20 weeks, and 29% increase after 26 weeks.
•    The patients with an average penis length when erect equaling to 6.4 inches gained additional 1.86 inches achieving 8.26 inch in length after the treatment
•    No complications or serious reactions were reported

Bottom Line

Medical studies proved that penile traction device could be a safe and effective alternative to penis enlargement surgery. By using the traction device daily for 3 to 6 months, the patients gained quite promising results – they added 26 to 29% to the penile length. If a man has 6.4 inches when erect, he can expect additional 1.6 to 1.8 in average. The effect seems to be attractive.

Besides, the studies show that men can add to the penile girth though the results are lower than length gains. Gomez de Diego provides 0.8 cm (0.315 in) increase in girth while Z Lee has 1.8cm (0.709 in) increase that is considerably higher. Such difference in girth results can be explained by different traction regimes with Z Lee employing more aggressive one.


The trials evidence both additional length and girth through the increase in length is gained at the expense of girth. The results proportionally depend on the traction time and period: the more you use the device during a day, the higher effect you experience. In other words, you can employ the traction device 3 hours a day for six months, or use more aggressive regime of 6 hours a day for three months. The total gains will be similar.

No participants in the studies described above reported on any complications, negative side-effects or adverse reactions. It says that penile traction is safe and causes no harm to the male health and sexual function. Penile traction offers a safe and effective alternative to expensive and risky penis enlargement surgeries. 3 to 6 months of the treatment can make men’s dreams come true.
We should also note that all the researchers used a medical traction device of Type 1. Nowadays two models of it are available to the public, including the Pro Extender and Size Genetics Device.

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