Do penis enlargement exercises like Jelqing and Kegels are worth to try?



You should have heard that Kegels could help improve female sexual function and health. However, there are proofs that men can also benefit from the exercises.

Kegel exercises include the repeated contraction and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles, a group of muscles that are essential for erectile function. They also involve anus and abdominals.

Here is a step-by-step guideline to help you do the exercises:
•    Empty your bladder;
•    Lie down bending your knees and holding them apart;
•    Find your pelvic floor muscles by interrupting the urination;
•    Contract the muscles and stay in the position for three seconds;
•    Relax the muscles for three seconds;
•    Repeat the exercises for 20 to 30 minutes.

Recommendation: When you master Kegels, you can do them while standing, sitting or walking. You should also increase the quantity of contractions per session and day. You should start controlling your pelvic floor muscles.
Result: Kegel exercises can make your penis larger in length and girth as more blood is accumulated in it. Men will notice easier, harder, and longer-lasting erections, better orgasm control, more powerful and multiple orgasms, and more semen volume. Besides, the exercise improves erectile function, promotes prostate health and reduces the risk of prostate cancer.
Women will benefit from Kegels by improving vagina tightness, boosting libido, experiencing more explosive and multiple orgasms, and increasing orgasm control.



Penis stretching seems to be an exercise that can add real inches to your penis and deserves your attention. You should do it with a flaccid penis. Follow these simple steps:
•    Grasp the head of the penis with your hand, so you do not prevent blood circulation to it and do not feel any pain;
•    Pull the penis in front of you. When extending, you should cause no discomfort and pain but stretching effect at the base of the penis;
•    Stay in this position for 10 – 30 seconds;
•    Let your penis have a rest;
•    Repeat the exercise for five to ten minutes every day.

Recommendation: You should pull your penis to different sides: up and down, right and left. Remember that you should not feel any pain or discomfort in any phase.


Here is another stretching exercise that can help you make your dreams come true:
•    Grasp the head of the penis with your firm hand, so you cause no pain or discomfort to your manhood;
•    Put the thumb of the other hand at the base of the penis;
•    Start pulling the penis in front of you;
•    Stop when you feel a stretching effect;
•    Stay in this position for 10 –  15 seconds;
•    Let your penis have a rest;

Repeat the exercise for two and a half to five minutes per session.
Recommendation: You can repeat the session twice a day.


This exercise is similar to stretching but includes additional elements that can help make your penis larger:
•    Gently grasp the head of the penis with you hand;
•    Pull the penis outwards;
•    Start stretching and rotating the penis clockwise at the same time;
•    Make circular rotations in one direction for 30 seconds;
•    Change the direction and repeat the process;
•    Repeat the exercises five to ten times a day.

Recommendation: You should follow the guidelines to see real penis enlargement soon.


It may seem to be strange, but it does work. Do this exercise with a flaccid penis:
•    Grasp the head of the penis with the right hand;
•    Grasp the base of the penis with the left hand;
•    Start pulling the penis in opposite directions until you feel a stretching effect on the shaft;
•    Stay in this position for ten seconds;
•    Have a short rest (not necessary);
•    Repeat the exercise for five minutes per day.

Recommendation: Consult an expert about guidelines and follow them strictly. You should stop stretching your penis when you feel any discomfort or pain.


•    Place the penis on your fingers, so you support its shaft;
•    Pull the skin of the penis back with your thumbs;
•    Stay in this position for ten seconds;
•    Have a short rest;
•    Repeat the exercise for five minutes every day.

Recommendation: You should strictly follow the instructions to avoid any harm. Do not apply much force not to prevent blood circulation.



Jelqing (or milking) is a technique that helps enlarge the penis by increasing blood circulation and pressure. You should start doing the exercise when your penis is at least semi-erected (50% to 75% of erection):
•    Lubricate your penis with oil or penis lubricant;
•    Make OK-grip with your thumb and forefinger;
•    Grasp the base of the penis with the grip;
•    Start pulling your penis by moving the grip to the head of the penis (do not apply too much force not to cause pain or harm to the penis!);
•    Stop pulling the penis before the glans;
•    Change the hand and repeat a jelq.

Recommendation: You should start with a lower quantity of jelqs gradually increasing it. Do not do the exercise when you are fully erected as you may damage nerves and tissues. When you do it with a flaccid penis, you will gain no effects. Stop jelqing when you feel any discomfort.

Result: By milking the penis, you improve blood circulation within the penis and push the blood to the glans making your manhood larger and fuller.

Warning: Strictly follow the guidelines and avoid any discomfort as jelqing may cause damage to the penis. Some men report that they have achieved no addition inches in length or girth. Besides, stretching individual blood chambers and reducing pressure inside the penis can lead to erectile dysfunction.
Jeling can also cause Peyronie’s disease, penile curvature, as blood chambers can burst and form scar tissue.  The exercise is likely to damage nerve fibers when you apply too much force and pressure when stretching.


This exercise – as one of the oldest penis enlargement techniques – has proven its effects over the years. Here is a detailed instruction how to increase your penis with the weight lifting:
•    Do the exercise when your penis is flaccid;
•    Attach some weight that is specially designed for stretching the penis;
•    Wait 15 to 20 minutes and release your penis by removing the weights.

Recommendation: Weight hanging should be the last technique when enlarging your manhood. You should do warm-up exercises before and follow the instructions not to damage your penis. It can be performed in a standing or sitting position.
Result: Weight hanging can increase the length of the penis.
Warning: Some experts do not recommend the weight hanging for safety reasons. The exercise can cut off blood flow to the head of the penis, create stretching marks, cause serious pain, bruise or gangrene, reduce sexual sensations, and lead to erection problems. It is potentially harmful – so consider all its pros and cons before you start.

Bottom Line

These exercises have been known for years proving their real effects and showing their advantages and disadvantages. All of them are designed to help men improve the size (length and girth) and shape of their manhood, and increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction.
If you are serious about enlarging your penis naturally, you should start with safe and effective exercises before you take any male enhancement supplements or apply any other risky and expensive methods. They promise to show the best results. But remember that you should strictly follow the instructions to gain the heights and avoid any damage.

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