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Penis enlargement results

Do the penis enlargement exercises really work? And if they do than are they safe? So the main question is what are the penis enlargement exercises? The penis enlargement survey set will answer all of your questions.

Do penis enlargement exercises work?

Those men who have already tried these penis enlargement exercises which they found on this site are able to tell you if they really work and theyll tell you that they do.

They should tell you that natural penis enlargement is a pretty slow process and that it could take years for a man to reach his goal.

Also, they could say that it is unclear how penis enlargement really works or what is the best way. It is also unknown if a warm-up will increase gains or not and is it harmful or beneficial to exercise more than 30 minutes a day.

No one knows if masturbation helps growth, stimulates growth, or if it helps growth at all. No tests or experiments have been done. We dont know much about penis enlargement but we do know something that basically we know what has successfully worked for us and many others.

This isnt as effective and it’s just not forceful. We need more information in order to maximize gains and minimize the time spent exercising the penis. Enter The Penis Enlargement Survey

The first penis enlargement survey is the first step to build data on natural penis enlargement. The survey was managed on a preliminary survey website. In the summer of 2005, it was open for almost three months.

In all, 957 men took the penis enlargement survey. Only 545 men, however, finished the entire survey, and only these men were used in the analysis.

In total amount, 957 men took the penis enlargement survey. Although only 545 men completed the whole survey so only they were used in the analysis.

For a quick peek at the results: Penis Survey

For an overview of the most interesting finds: Controversies With the Penis Enlargement Survey

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  1. Reply Abunabad Aug 7, 2014 9:02 am

    Sure jelqing is working. But i’m so tired to make my daily workouts. That’s why i’m going to buy a penis extender such as PeniMaster to get results faster. Or maybe i will find a supplement that will help me. Any advice?

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