Physiologic Indicators to Stimulate Penis Growth

Taking into account the experience of those who have gained positive changes and those who have lost some progress in penis enlargement, we can state that different aspects play a significant role in this process, especially physiologic indicators (PIs). A physiologic index is a noticeable physical reaction of your phallus to tension applied during penis enlargement. Some men who are engaged in such activities use them to increase their chances in making their penises larger and fuller. These indicators help you understand what your body is telling and when it wants you to stop exhausting it.

In general, we may divide physiologic indicators into three categories: positive, negative, and neutral. Positive PIs imply that your body accepts all exercises you do and affirmatively responds to them. In other words, you succeed in increasing your manhood. Contrary PIs show that you overtrain your body and you should reduce your pressure and force or/and exercise time not to cause harm to your health. Neutral PIs naturally belong neither too positive nor negative indicators. They are called neutral because sometimes they can be referred to positive and sometimes – to negative.


Therefore, you should interpret them as positive or negative indicators based on your sensations and further changes in your phallus. Here is the table of physiologic indicators for you to easier understand what is what:

Positive   PIs

Negative   PIs

Neutral   PIs

Larger flaccid hang that lasts   all dayHigher hardness of erectionsBetter night and morning erectionsIncrease of normal penis size PainLower hardness of erectionsWorse night and morning erectionsNumbnessDiscolorationLoss of penis size Temporary penis contraction after   PE exercisesSpottingRednessTemporary penis increase (a few   minutes to a couple of hours)Light pain (discomfort) in your   penisEdema in the penis skin 

When you are trying to get how penis enlargement works for you, you should pay particular attention to the size of your manhood. Any increase or decrease in your penis size is an outcome, a bottom line summarizing whether the process is active or not. Let’s consider some examples to see how PIs act in practice.

Example 1

A penis enlargement beginner prefers an easy routine to start with a 5-minute warming-up and 5-minute jelqing. After he completes exercising, he finds that his penis has become reddish and a bit larger and fuller for a few minutes. Then, penis contraction has followed up. Afterward, the guy notices that his night and morning erections have become harder.

Thus, the last factor – better night and morning erections – shows that the neutral indicators acquire positive changes. So, they can be interpreted as positive PIs. In other words, the guy can continue with this routine to achieve what he wants (don’t forget to take measurements every week or two). When your measurements taken in two weeks show no changes in your size, you should intensify your penis enlargement exercises by increasing force and time.


As far as you have no negative PIs, you do not overtrain your body. But no changes demonstrate undertraining. In the beginner’s case, he should increase jelqing up to ten minutes and track his PIs to avoid negative responses. When our experiment guy jeans for 10 minutes and still observes no negative indicators, this means that he is not applying too high force to his body. Having taken measurements in two weeks, he finds that his penis has added a ¼ inch. This increase indicates to the absolute active PIs.

Therefore, he is recommended continuing with this routine until his penis stops growing. Then, he may add some intensity to his training again.

Example 2

Mister X decided to try weightlifting to make his penis longer. He would give a try to the latest penis enlargement technique – hanging a bowling ball. After the first workout, he noticed that his phallus had wrinkled – a neutral PI. Then, his night and morning erections disappeared. And finally, when he took measurements, he found that he had lost a half of an inch in his penis length. Length loss as an outcome shows that Mister X has exhausted his little buddy. Thus, the initial shrinkage followed up by erection and size loss is a negative PI for him.

Now, Mister X knows that first penis contraction that has appeared after his workout means that he is overtraining his manhood. In such a case, he should stop exercising until his normal erections come back. It can take one week or so. When he is recovered (that is a good sign), he can continue with penis stretching. This time, Mister X takes lighter hanger – a tennis ball. Though he notices light contraction right after the exercise, it disappears in 30 minutes or so. In general, his night and morning erections are better, and 2-week training shows some gains in his penis size.

Now, he knows that this 30-minnute shrinkage is a new positive PI for this routine. So, he can continue doing the exercise until his penis stops growing.

Example 3

Let’s consider a more complicated scenario. Mister Y knows that his phallus becomes purple and wrinkles for a week or so when he has hit it with a hammer. Thus, the best way out is to have a four-week rest. When Mister Y has fully recovered, he finds that his penis has added a half of an inch in length and one inch in circumference. This case shows a negative physiologic indicator and a neutral one (a contracted and purple penis) that is interpreted as an active PI due to better erections and size increase after full recovery. Recovery takes place when definite positive PIs appear.


Example 4

Mister Z has decided to give a try to pumping. This demonstrates excellent achievements – his nights and morning erections have become incredible, the best one in long years of his sexual activity. He notices that his manhood is fluffy, and his hand is longer. Based on his experience, Mister Z knows that a longer and fluffy flaccid penis is a positive PI for him – he is doing well. Therefore, he decides to add high intensity to his pumping – pump his phallus when clamped.

This method works well: his manhood is swelling as never before without any lymphatic fluid. Mister Z becomes so excited that repeats this session five times a day. And this night, his erection disappears; he finds no erection in the morning; his phallus hang is shorter and contracted – he has lost a half of an inch in the penis length. Despite penis swelling during pumping, such intense training has resulted in definite negative PIs.


Mister Z has experienced significant damages. In other words, the swollen manhood as a neutral indicator will be converted into a negative PI for him in future. Now, he should take a week to have a rest: to restore his night and morning erections and a normal flaccid hang. Afterward, Mister Z restarts his penis enlargement routine with 5 to 10 minutes of clamped pumping. He tracks his indicators to avoid body exhaustion and injury, and, if possible, adds time and force.

Bottom Line

Now, you see that our bodies are different and provide various reactions to what you offer them. You should learn to master your body and read what it says. In other words, you should learn to interpret neutral PIs to gain the best effect and avoid any harm. When you remember the above-mentioned examples, it will be easier for you to achieve penis increase.

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