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5 Main Causes  of Premature Ejaculation

Today, a lot of men have faced such an unpleasant health disorder as premature ejaculation that can be caused by different factors that surround us. Besides, we watch, read and listen to mass media, watch different movies, including porno, and visit clinics and doctors, who dramatize this problem.


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Doctors usually try to cure the symptoms of our problems rather than the problems. Let’s consider an example.

When we visit a doctor with high cholesterol (which by the way is set by the drug companies who sell drugs to reduce cholesterol levels), he will probably prescribe any cholesterol pills or other medicines. However, these medicines appear to be unnatural, while “high” level of cholesterol is normal. And we can eat 4 eggs a day – with the yolk, of course, which will do well for our health and body – as everyone knows now, that eggs bring more benefit than damage.

But if we eat eggs or other useful natural products instead of pills or any other medicines, doctors lose their money they would earn from the medical companies for selling those medicines, their practice and qualification.

And the same concerns our premature ejaculation, which doctors try to cure with different known to medicines with temporary effect for us and financial results for them.

No medicines can set the world on fire but natural products can help you better your health and cure the problem and stop erectile dysfunction.

But for you to know, this article is not medical or professional advice, and any exercise program, diet or medical changes should be agreed with a fair and competent medical expert.

So, let’s start curing your premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction right now. The steps you can take are quite easy, quick and natural.

What we start from is covering the biggest mistakes that usually cause premature. Besides, I will disclose some steps which you can take as soon as possible to enjoy better sexual life.

Premature Ejaculation Cause Number 1

You should know that our sex positions can control the duration of our sex. So, we have to be careful when choosing any for our favorite bed trainings.

We can say that missionary position is deemed as the worst position during sex when we suffer from premature ejaculation. It causes fatigue in men as they strain their arms and legs while lying on their partners and makes them ejaculate faster.

So, if you want to postpone the ejaculation and gain simultaneous orgasm, it is recommended to use other sex positions, and spoons sex position in particular. Spooning can help you get rid of premature ejaculation and is more intimate as it requires more body contact.

It looks like cuddling but you enter your partner from behind instead of just holding her.

You can combine spoons sex position with 10 thrusts technique. Then your sex will be endless and you can enjoy it as long as you wish.

Premature Ejaculation Cause Number 2

Ejaculating and not ejaculating depends on how our muscle works. And if we want to improve our virile strength and stop premature ejaculation, we should start training this muscle (but due to our laziness we usually skip this step).

The sensitivity of our penis can be trained so the penis feels better sensation when touched. It is recommended to train our sensitivity even before and during sex until we regain full control over our ejaculations.

Training your sensitivity during sex with your partner is the so-called 10 thrusts technique. The idea is as follows: you make 9 short thrusts during sex, when your penis enters your partner half or less way, and the 10th trust should be deep. Then repeat it again and again: 9 short thrusts and the 10th deep one.

Such a sex technique reduces friction on the head of your penis that is deemed as the most sensitive part that causes ejaculation. And you will see that your partner receives more pleasure as short thrusts provoke her and a deep one hits the spot completely.

Premature Ejaculation Cause Number 3

Breathing… We do it unconsciously every day, every minute and every second, and this is the thing that is vital for our life and health.

But sometimes we do it incorrectly without a moment’s hesitation that causes some health problems.

The duration of our sex also depends on how we breathe before, during, and after it. Short shallow breathes do not make our sex longer, they result in premature ejaculation, and deep long breathes prolong our pleasure and help us cure it.

If you want to last longer in bed, I would recommend using the 10-1-10 breathing technique before and even during sex. Its idea is as follows: you should inhale air through your belly – making it bigger – for 10 seconds, then hold it for one second and exhale the air through your belly – flattering it – for 10 seconds. Repeat this breathing exercise 10 times before sex filling your body with oxygen which flows into your blood stream and calms down your nerves and organism. Then you will perform better and longer.

Premature Ejaculation Cause Number 4

The stress and pressure that we go through every day plays very important role for our health and is inevitable in our life. Sometimes, we do not realize how much it influences our life, but the pressure can reduce our sex duration significantly and be super intense.

The pressure influences our brain unconsciously creeping into our confidence during our sex performance, making us last shorter and ejaculate as we are tired out and want to finish everything to have a rest.

Therefore, for gaining the highest effects in sex, you should relax before and during it. And the best way to do it is to use the 10-1-10 breathing technique. This exercise will allow you to calm down your nerve and distress you.

Premature Ejaculation Cause Number 5

And our biggest mistake is that we try to cure our premature ejaculation visiting doctors and taking different unnatural pills that usually result in no miracle.

Forget about pills and medicines and look through the abovementioned traditional methods that can help you get rid of premature ejaculation in a natural way and enjoy your sex as long as you wish.

Start paying more attention to your health and body, try to find physical exercises that can fit and strengthen you. Spend few minutes a day devoting to your body, and forget about your health problems and erectile dysfunctions and enjoy your long-lasting performance.

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