Quick Extender Pro is the highest rated penis extender in the world

Quick Extender Pro claims that it is the America most effective and highest rated extender.


It also states that the device has a “DSS system designed for speed and comfortable” when using it. And often men have the questions as ‘Is Quick Extender Pro better than SizeGenetics?’ or ‘Is It the best penis enlarger in the world?’

To answer them, let’s make a little research and find out whether its claims are true and correct.
Quick Extender Pro™ is designed as a noninvasive and natural alternative to penile enlargement surgery. Quick Extender Pro seems to offer something unique and very effective on today’s market as the producers say that it is the “#1 choice for thousands of satisfied men worldwide“.

This extender can help you enlarge the length and girth of your penis in just a few short months. It is promised to be safe, natural and comfortable for wearing. The producer states that its solution offers fast and permanent penis increase for any man from over the world and with no health risks.

So, let’s find out whether Quick Extender Pro is worth mentioning.

What Is Quick Extender Pro™?

Every man who suffers from short penis length knows that a short or even average size does not satisfy him especially when with a partner and causes embarrassment.
Please read some evidence on the product:
• Name of Product: Quick Extender Pro
• Official Website:
• Minimum Price: Value Package – $119.93
• Overall Rank (out of 100): 91 Points
• Recommended Period Usage: 3-6 Months
• Refund Policy: 6 Months Money Back Guarantee

Quick Extender Pro is produced by the Innovatech Designs based in New York City, NY.
Quick Extender Pro is claimed to be clinically tested and approved by medical professionals, so, men can wear it safely and for a longer period of time.
As the device has a DSS system, it is unique and effective.

What Is DSS system?

The Double Strap Support (DSS) system is the next generation technology that ensures penis enlargement. The DSS system features two medical grade silicone tubes that secure penis shaft and head and prevent your penis from slipping (you know that penis slippage can often happen when wearing an extender).


How Does It Work?

Quick Extender Pro uses the penis traction method to safely and effectively enlarge your penis. This enlargement device stretches your penis tissues on a regular basis and applies the tension for the cells to grow and increase the penis length and girth.

The extender is a highly-quality product offers 2 programs, and a user can choose the best one for him to use every day.
The producer says that the users can gain the results for the total time-worn and not just on a daily basis.

Quick Extender Pro claims that it helps increase a penis size naturally and improves erections making them harder, stronger and fuller. Based on the users’ reviews, we can see that by using the extender for 6 months can you can experience fast results of growth by 36%.

Does It Help Cure Peyronie’s Disease? Yes, Quick Extender Pro is a solution that corrects the penis curvature. All you need is to follow the instructions provided.

Quick Extender Pro improves the flow of the blood to the penis chambers increasing libido and endurance. When you buy the complete package that includes male enhancement pills, you can feel that more blood comes to your penis and experience a bigger and longer penis when erecting.

Besides, the men who use the extender will feel the increased self-esteem and confidence as they know that they can do better in bed than any time before and their penis is larger and fuller.


How to Use Quick Extender Pro™

Quick Extender Pro™ seems to be easy-to-use. All you should do when applying it is adjust the traction rods, slide the penis inside the enlargement device and apply 2 silicone strap attachments that secure your penis shaft and head and comfortably hold your penis. Other extenders that today’s market offer can choke the penis head hurting it and causing pain.

The Double Strap Support (DSS) system gives you the ability to wear Quick Extender Pro comfortably for longer periods of time and gain real size safely and faster.

The official website shows the 3 steps process. The first step is as simple as to wear the penile device that applies a constant light stretch to your penis. Constant traction causes microscopic tears along the shaft that is the second step of the process. This is the way of how the penis skin is stretched though you can’t see it with the naked eye.

Then the third phase takes place and it is the healing process. The cells within the penis tissue begin to divide into 2 over and over again to fill in the tears caused by penile traction. The more new cells are created, the bigger penis you can get.

Quick Extender Pro™ Disadvantages

The producer states that Quick Extender Pro is clinically tested but provides no proof for back up. And we can read about its doctor approval, though no endorsement is shown.
To prove penis size increase, it is better when the videotaping testimonies include before-and-after pictures.

Warranty and Guarantee

The producer claims that Quick Extender Pro is lifelong and offers the longest warranty ever. If the device breaks, you can contact the customer support team and replace it.

If you are not completely satisfied with the results gained, you can return it and receive your money back. The company gives 6 months from the day you have received the device to try it.
Your purchase is ensured to be secure and non-risky.

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