Simple penis enlargement exercises that work for 100%

Are you dreaming about a larger and fuller penis? Do you want to impress your partner in the bedroom? Do you want to improve your erections and orgasms? Are you seeking for an efficient method to make your sex life more attractive? And of course, most of you want to find a way that requires less time and few efforts to gain the best results.

And we have lovely news for you: it is quite simple to fulfill your sex dreams spending not even a penny. You should not waste your time on supplements or devices, which give the same results at their best. Now, you can forget about penis enlargement surgeries, which are risky, dangerous, and expensive.

Are you interested to know what magic can ensure excellent results with no penny spent? It is simple – penis enlargement exercises are a perfect solution! Nowadays, there is a great variety of individual workouts and routines designed to help you make your erections firmer and harder, improve your sexual desire and stamina, and increase your penis in length and girth. You can choose any that matches your body requirements and desires.

To ease your choice here is the list of effective penis enlargement exercises and instructions how to do them. Please remember that you should follow these guidances strictly to avoid any harm or injuries. Otherwise, you may feel pain and discomfort instead of satisfaction and enlargement.

Kegel Exercises


Kegel techniques were designed for women to improve their health. But if you think that they are not for men, you are mistaken. The Kegels strengthen the pelvic floor muscles supporting your uterus, bladder, and rectum, and improve your sexual performance.

How-to-do-it instruction:

•    Find your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles (stop urinating in the middles of the process; if succeeded, the correct muscles work);
•    Contract your PC muscles and hold the contraction up to five seconds;
•    Relax and give a 5-second break;
•    Repeat the process 20 to 30 times per day.

When the PC muscles are identified, you can do the exercise in any position you like. After you master the exercise, you can increase the period of contractions up to 10 seconds. It stimulates more blood to flow to the penis and enlarge it in length and girth. You and your girl will feel the difference.



The jelqing method implies milking-like motions when you are 50% to 75% erect. You should not do this exercise in a flaccid state or, it can damage your tissues or nerves.

To achieve gains, please strictly follow the how-to-do-it instruction below:
•    Apply lubrication to your penis
•    OK-sign with your thumb and pointer finger
•    Place the grip at the base of your penile organ
•    Pull your hand down your penis – from its base toward its head – applying light tension
•    Repeat the jelq again

Jelqing helps blood circulate in the penis better. When stretching, micro-tears appear causing new cells to grow and fill in the gaps. Thus, your penis becomes fuller and longer.

You may continue doing the exercise as long as you want, but you are recommended to stop when discomfort appears. If you are a beginner, please start doing a lower amount of jelq within one session and gradually increase it. If done incorrectly, this exercise can cause long-term harm to you – be careful.

Ultimate Stretching


Stretching is the easiest and simplest way to add some inches to the length of your manhood. This technique is considered to be a backbone of penis enlargement exercises aiming at length increase. It implies stretching your little friend when flaccid in the following manner:

•    Having formed an OK-sign, place it around the head of your penis
•    Start pulling your phallus off in front of you applying light tension (you should feel a stretching effect at the base of your penis)
•    Stay in such a position for 10 to 30 second and relax
•    Repeat this process 5 to 10 minutes a day

If you are a beginner, please start from a 10-second hold and increase it gradually. If you feel any discomfort, decrease your pressure or stop doing the exercise.
To gain the highest effect, stretch your penis in multiple angles: up and down, to the right and the left. Repeat the same amount of motions in each direction.



This exercise is similar to ultimate stretching but with its peculiarities. It primarily targets your penis length increasing it both in a flaccid and an erect state
•    Retract your foreskin
•    Place an OK-sign around your penis behind the glans (you should hold it firmly but avoid cutting off the blood circulation)
•    Place the thumb of your second hand at the base of your manhood
•    Start pulling the thumb forward unless you feel a stretching effect
•    Stay in such a position for 10 to 15 seconds and relax
•    Take a short break and repeat the process again
One session should take 2.5 to 5 minutes: please gradually increase the time of the exercise to avoid any damage. You are recommended doing two sessions a day at most.

Circular Rotation


This activity is similar to Ultimate Stretching with some simple differences. The penis rotation is stretching your manhood in circular motions aiming at an increase in the length of your penis in a flaccid and an erect state:
•    Retreat the foreskin
•    Place an OK-grip around your penis behind its glans (be firm but gentle)
•    Stretch your penis up unless you feel a stretching effect
•    Rotate your phallus in circular motion (to the right when a left hand is used, or to the left when a right hand is used) for 30 seconds
•    Change your hands and repeat the process to complete one session

You are recommended performing five sessions a day to gain the best result. Please apply the same tension when rotating in different directions. Stretching and turning your penis 360 degrees extend all your penile tissues and you should notice improvements in a short period.

The Backward Method


The backward method is considered as one of the most effective techniques for men to enhance their manhood. Here is the detailed how-to-do-it instruction:
•    Retreat the skin of your penis and pull it toward your body with your thumbs
•    Support the shaft of your phallus with other fingers of your hands
•    Hold this position firmly for ten seconds
•    Take a break and repeat the exercise again

You are recommended doing this exercise five minutes a day. Please do not stay in the skin backward position longer and do not apply high tension to avoid circulation blood cut-off.

The Opposite Pull


This exercise is very useful though you may think that it is strange when reading the instruction. Please make no mistakes when doing it and start when your penis is flaccid:

•    Grasp the head of your phallus with your right hand
•    Grasp the base of your manhood with your left hand
•    Start pulling your penis in opposite directions
•    Hold this position for ten seconds
•    Take a break and repeat the exercise again

You should stretch your penis until you feel a stretching effect inside of the shaft of your penis – do it for five minutes a day. Please stop doing the exercise if you experience any pain or discomfort. You are recommended consulting with an expert or reading the detailed instructions before you perform the Opposite Pull.

Penis Weightlifting


Penis weights and hangers lead to an increase in the length of your manhood. It has become popular due to the Japanese and has been proven to be effective stretching the cavernous body and ligaments of your penis. Here are two simple steps to do the exercise:

•    Start the exercises when your ‘little friend’ is flaccid
•    Attach a special-purpose hanger to your penis

Such hangers stretch your manhood downwards. It takes the time to show any enlargement results, but they are permanent. You may buy the weights or hangers and make them by yourself. However, be sure that the loop embraces your penis entirely to avoid any damage.

This exercise should be the last one to try as it is hazardous and dangerous (some experts do not recommend applying this method). However, if you strictly follow the instruction and avoid any pain and discomfort, the weightlifting can show positive effects on the increase in your size.

Bottom Line

You should love these simple and natural ways that can quickly help you improve your sex life by enlarging your penis in length and girth and enhancing your sexual health. By following these how-to-do-it instructions strictly, you will avoid damages and injuries and maximize their effects. Enjoy your extreme sex and impress your women!

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