Why the size of my penis is below average? How to deal with this issue

I’ve always wondered why the size of my penis is below average. On the other hand, I knew the answer: I suffered from phimosis as a kid. When I understood there’s an issue, it was already too late. My penis hasn’t grown big. I guess I shouldn’t list all the problems I’ve been experiencing since I became sexually active. However, I am going to list them anyway, so that you will know you’re not alone. There are hundreds of millions of us. Welcome to the club.


My issues were:

  • I experienced self-doubt when undressing in front of a woman;
  • I feared that someone would see my penis in the men’s locker room;
  • I feared that my penis was too small to satisfy the woman;
  • I feared my girlfriend would dump me because of my small penis;
  • I feared that she liked someone else’s penis more than mine;

As soon as you stop loving your penis, others stop loving it, too. It’s a funny axiom resulting from your self-doubt. Of course, it would be great to have a large penis that you can be proud of. I knew I would eventually find a way to enlarge my penis, as it’s a doable task from the anatomical point of view. I took an interest in the topic and saw a multitude of opportunities: from enlarging my penis with the help of a device to using cream remedies.

Official medical websites offered penis enlargement with the help of techniques called penile traction and penis pumping. But I was sure I didn’t want to make my penis bigger using mechanical impacts. The various techniques scared me as well. It’s pure torturing! Stretching your penis while it’s hard? Count me out; I’m not morally prepared for that.

My only way out of the situation was taking tablets.

It’s rather difficult to imagine that some pills can cause your penis to grow. I decided to get to the bottom of it. I started reading medical literature on the botanical ingredients capable of increasing the size of your penis during erections.

What does penis enlargement with the help of organic pills mean?

  1. We cannot talk of any permanent penis enlargement;
  2. You cannot increase the size of your limp penis;
  3. The main effect of such tablets is enhancement of your libido;
  4. Some pills also help to get rid of the premature ejaculation issues;
  5. Erections will be harder and last longer;
  6. The pills often decrease the period between ejaculation and the next erection;
  7. As a rule, men who weren’t capable of multiple orgasms can obtain such an ability;


What are the results?

In fact, penis enlargement with the help of food supplements is focused primarily on improving the general sexual functioning of your body. It’s been long since I stopped having the following issues:

  • Sometimes my erection goes away during intercourse;
  • I cannot delay ejaculation for more than 10 minutes;
  • I need about an hour to regain my strength after the first ejaculation;
  • I have never experienced multiple orgasms;
  • To obtain a hard erection, I had to have the woman give me a BJ.

As you can see, I was too obsessed with worries about my small penis to notice how weak my sexual functioning was in general. It was too little for a fulfilling sex life. Also, I didn’t think much about how good I was as a sex partner, what I did to give sexual pleasure to the woman, etc.

Before proceeding to penis enlargement, I asked myself the following questions:

  1. What do women think about my abilities as a sex partner?
  2. Do they even think about my penis, its length, and its thickness?
  3. Do I have enough sexual vigor to enjoy sex again and again?
  4. Do I have what it takes to satisfy my sex partner?
  5. Can I control my erections?

When I tried to answer these questions, I realized the size of my penis was the smallest of my issues.

I had been under a delusion about myself. And so, I began to talk about all this with my sex partners.

It’s incredibly difficult to overcome your fears and start discussing with your sex partner what you feel during sex. You are afraid to hear you’re a big loser in bed. This fear is a fictitious one. However, it gives rise to real issues that keep haunting you. It’s worth a lot to receive an honest answer. I asked my sex partners to be frank with me, to speak their mind without fearing to offend me.

And yes, they told me I was too selfish in bed

I thought only about myself. I didn’t do my best to satisfy the women. I went through the intercourse as a robot. They told me that a man whose penis is as small as mine (12 cm) could deliver greater pleasure that someone with a 20-cm manhood, provided that he knows what a woman’s sexual needs are. Many men who are larger than 20 cm cause pain to the woman during intercourse. Any rash movement delays the woman’s orgasm. The man believes the deeper his penis goes, the more pleasurable it is for the woman. This is complete nonsense. Most of my women told me their sensitive zones are stimulated not by deep penetration. It’s done when the partner stimulates certain spots.


Taoist secrets of love-making and tablets

Having acknowledged my sexual weaknesses, I concluded that I had to improve my sexual health and obtain proper sexual experiences. Surprisingly, at 35 I had to gain new sexual experience as if I hadn’t been sexually active before. I started to read Taoist books that contained secrets of love-making. I was astonished at how stupid I had been. The variety of techniques amazed be and gave me hopes that one day I’d be capable of employing all of them in my sex life. If you want to have a look at what was in those books, I’ve found all of them online, here’s the link.

I have picked up high-quality tablets manufactured from organic ingredients and began to take them by the instructions. I didn’t consult a doctor about their formula. It was enough for me to read customer reviews, to ask the seller some questions, and to familiarize myself with the product specifications on the website. The remedy of my choice was Vig Rx Plus. It had caught my attention a few years before I brought myself to buy it. Since I had long been looking into its effectiveness, my purchase was a 12-month course. I already had a clear penis enlargement and potency enhancement strategy.

Pills and techniques. Is this all you need?

To tell the truth, it’s not enough to only take the tablets, read about the secrets of love-making and master new techniques to change your sex life for the better. You have to change your entire mindset and approach to your sexual health. It’s exactly what I did. No, I don’t have enough time to devote hours to self-improvement every day. I work office hours like most people. However, I don’t have a family life yet. I change my partners often because having sex with different women is my thing. It’s exciting and inspiring. I may settle down in the future, though…

What else did I do?

  • I quit all my bad habits, as I believed they were making me weak and unprepared to new achievements. I quit smoking and began to buy organic products more often.
  • I even stopped drinking 4 cups of coffee a day. Now I limit myself to one cup; adding milk is a must.
  • I have given up the tradition of drinking beer every evening. Once a week is the better variant.
  • I used to love fast food, although I understood it was going to make me fat and even caused me to suffer from stomach ache. Give up on fast food if you need to!
  • I began to go for an airing every evening before going to bed. It has improved the quality of my sleep.
  • Finally, I decided to do morning exercises at the very least, to be in good shape.


Funny as it may sound, my intention to enlarge my penis has led me to the idea of changing myself. I was surprised by this, so in this article, I have broken the whole process down, loud and straightforward.

My results

I was sure that my efforts would be fruitful. I didn’t sit back and do nothing; I refined myself. And I enjoyed the process; it made me happier.

After the first three weeks, I noticed the first effects of Vig Rx Plus. They were:


3 weeks

My sensations during erections changed. My penis was harder than before; erections were more spontaneous and lasted longer than usual.

There were no noticeable changes in the size of my penis yet.

6 weeks

The first difference I noted was: I could prolong the intercourse and control my erection better than before. I noticed for the first time that my penis was so hard that I could last twice as long as usual. My orgasms became so intense that I could barely contain myself during ejaculation. The pleasure I received during orgasms was so great that I could fall off the bed.

7 weeks

I began to measure my penis. As it turned out, my 12 cm during erection had grown to 13 cm. A great result over such a brief period! My penis had stretched in length and width proportionally.

12 weeks

It was the culmination point. I vividly remember that my penis had grown 2 cm longer, but it was already not the most important thing. I had become more confident in the sexual aspect, as I had achieved great results in sex. I was capable of delivering immense pleasure to a new partner from the very first seconds. My women started moaning long before orgasming. I employed the techniques, and my physical abilities did the rest. Due to having hard and long-lasting erections, being capable of long intercourses and knowing the proper stimulation techniques, I began to deliver great pleasure to women. They were able to experience multiple orgasms, both clitoral and vaginal. Women came while I was inside, they didn’t want me to take out my penis.

In 4 months, my penis already measured 15 cm during erections

I was happy that the process continued; everything was completely natural. I even began to use the Jelqing and Kegels techniques, which I had discarded as scary before. Just 5-10 minutes a day during masturbation took my results a step further.

After seven months of taking the pills and using the techniques, I achieved the maximal length of 16.5 cm. Yes, the limp size of my penis was the same as before. But as soon as an erection occurred – which could sometimes happen after I cast a single glance at a woman’s sexy body – my manhood was large and hard.


I am incredibly happy with my results. I intend to continue taking the pills and improving myself in the sexual aspect. As of today, I am a gym frequenter who leads a healthy lifestyle. A great sequence of positive changes has occurred in my life since I received the first PENIS ENLARGEMENT spam email. Admittedly, the number of women I have sex with has remained the same. And they have no intention of leaving me. Which means I’m doing everything right. I simply can’t find the words to express how emotional and passionate my sex life is as of today. I’ve become confident in my abilities. My penis hasn’t grown to 20 cm, that’s true. But now my manhood allows me to be proud and confident.

You can take your lead from my example, and I’m sure that my story will inspire you to reach new heights in your sexual life. Trust me; you need this.

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