Top Ten Natural Penis Enlargement Trends in 2018

The truth behind PE market A little bit of history It’s been around ten years since I’ve found out about natural penis enlargement methods. It was shocking news for me because I’ve never even dreamed of a natural solution for cock growth. The first answer to the most common penile enlargement questions was “penis pill”.

Yes, a magic pill that makes your dick grow. And what’s the most interesting, the first product that was heavily promoted on the net was a Vig Rx formula (now called Vig Rx Plus). Since that time many forums, blogs and review sites wrote not only about Vig Rx, but also Prosolution Plus and Extenze.

So, what about penis enlargement trends in 2018?


Let’s take a look closer at penis enlargement market How did penis enlargement market look in 2017? These days penis enlargement is a big industry that offers the hundreds of different products like penis stretcher devices, pills, creams, oils, patches, techniques.

But the problem in choosing a penis enlargement method and the product stays the same:


You can’t find the truth about real penile enlargement on official manufacturer’s websites. Millions of review sites are trying to simply sell products they need. You can’t hear a voice from medical experts because penis enlargement companies pay them a huge amount of money for their recommendations.

It’s all about money. Everybody does not care about your results, side effects, your satisfaction as a customer. You know, that penis enlargement is a #1 theme in junk emails. That’s why people do not trust in penis enlargement claims anymore, they’re trying to find the truth by their selves. What are recommendations for those men who want to buy penis enhancement products?


#1 trend – Penis Extender Systems


Penis enlargement devices like  SizeGenetics, Quick Extender Pro, Phallosan Forte, became trend #1 in 2018. These products are not very expensive these days, but there are clinical studies results that show the effectiveness of penis stretching. You will need only 30-180 days to enlarge your manhood by 1-4 inches. Need proofs?

Visit penis forums to learn thousands of forum posts the and hundreds of threads. Real people share their:
–    Own penis enlargement experience
–    Own before and after pictures
–    Own videos
–    Penis enlargement programs
–    Side effects

You will learn how penis traction works and what results does it provides.

#2 No more trust to review sites and official claims


It was a big customer trend in 2018. Stop reading penis enlargement emails, buy fake pills and read fake testimonials. Use the power of Google to find authority sites, customer feedback to invest money in your successful penis enlargement.

#3 Combine penis enlargement methods


When you finish making your research on penile enhancing methods, you will learn how it works. No, we are not going to offer fast answers for you, just compare your information with our research, and you will choose the following:

1.    Buy a six-month supply for male enhancement pills like Vig Rx Plus 
2.    Buy access to Erection Fitness website (penis enlargement exercises)
3.    Buy an extender called Quick Extender Pro
4.    Buy a penis pump called Penomet
5.    Create your penis enlargement routine for the period of 6 months

You will need lots of money, time and efforts to afford all mentioned above.

Looks a bit scary, right? Do not worry, it’s possible to make more simple combinations like

Penis pump + jelqing techniques or Penis Pills + Penis Extender

It just works this way; that’s all. There’s no way you can’t rich the success. Not in 2018! Ten years of a stable market growth, 500 000 customers of penis enhancement products. They have shared their experience, and we know for sure – IT WORKS. So, it’s not a question anymore.

Use the right products combinations, stick to your program, and you will permanently enlarge your penis

Trend #4 Measurements


You know that girls love to post on Instagram their successful life. Well, these days lots of guys all around the world measure and post their results on different forums and social media. And this information is helpful for a beginner. You can compare, evaluate and take action according to the results.

Trend #5 Penis enlargement trial offers

You do not need to believe in natural penis enlargement. You can use free trial packs from different companies to see what works. In 2018, there was a list of companies that offer trials to everyone. No, free of charge. We’re talking about male enhancement pills, first of all. You can enhance your erected penis size by 1-3 inches, but not the flaccid one. That’s a big difference; that’s what we call a temporary penis enlargement effect.

Trend #6 Fast penis enlargement results

Like an old time, men are looking for fast, reliable and cheap penis enlargement solution that works. Simple answers, with no efforts, no risk for health and HUGE RESULTS. Each and every manufacturer of male enhancement and other sexual enhancement products know this. So here’s the best solution for you – forget about natural dick enlargement if you’re not ready to spend your time, money, and efforts. It’s just not for you.

Trend #7. There’s no place for new products but ideas

That’s right; we do not need another clone of a famous penis stretcher, the magic pill that does not work, penis enhancement oil like we’ve already got, a penis pump or a weird enlargement device. You need time to make your product to work.

That’s why old products become better, and customers are the part of this process. Manufacturers upgrade their formulas, devices, programs. That’s why Vig Rx Plus, SizeGenetics are steel leaders on this market.

Trend #8. If your product does not work, you will leave this market this day or another

That’s the truth. If your product works, there are the hundreds of ways to make it successful. But you need to offer something unique to survive. It’s all about your reputation.

Trend #9. Video reviews

Youtube is the biggest place for those men who want to share their penis enlargement success. People are trying to find some related video reviews, but 99% of them belongs to guys that just tell you about the package, their impressions, and some stupid success stories. At the end of every video, you will see a link to a product site.

Trend #10. Real-time products charts

The Web 2.0 is a powerful solution for those, who want to see what is trending. Do you want to buy a product nobody talks about? is a powerful real-time system that ranks products in many categories.



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