Is it worth to choose and buy male enhancement pills on Amazon?

or a man, having a fulfilling sex life is as important as looking good or attracting the attention of women. This is our male backbone, our destiny. Sex is the main constituent of family life for most men; it’s engraved into our subconscious mind.

When our libido drops, we face a major disappointment. It does not matter whether this happens due to aging or as a consequence of other factors, such as:

  • Constant stress;
  • Health problems;
  • Obesity;
  • Sedentary work;
  • Unhealthy diet;
  • Rehabilitation after surgery;
  • Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • An improper sleep and rest schedule.


Yes, these are the factors that can affect your potency adversely.

All right, we have found out what the causes are. But what if the following is already happening to you:

– the erection occurs only after prolonged stimulation of the penis (foreplay, masturbation, etc.);
– the erection does not last long (for example, less than 10 minutes);
– after the ejaculation, you need a lot of time to obtain another erection, or it’s impossible to achieve a second erection even an hour or two after the ejaculation;
– you lack the sensation of the hardest erection; you have a feeling that your penis is limp and soft, which prevents you from enjoying sex;
– you find it impossible to reach an orgasm (neither with the help of a partner or by yourself).


If you can observe at least some of these problems, it’s high time to consider purchasing an efficient male enhancement supplement. For about 80% of Americans and up to 30% of Europeans, AMAZON is the first place to look at if they are searching for any goods or services. A lot of people also shop at major online stores, such as GNC. However, the manufacturers of large and well-known penis enhancement brands usually sell their goods through official sites.

Maybe it’s better to buy the necessary products there, bypassing the intermediaries on Amazon?

After reading this article, you will know for sure what tablets you can find on these two large sites, whether it is sensible to buy them there and what kind of quality guarantees are provided to buyers.

The market is flooded with ineffective, only useless and frankly dangerous libido improvement treatments. This article will help you to secure yourself against fake erection enhancement products. We will guide you to acquiring a truly natural and efficient treatment that can resolve your erection issues.
This article will not tell you about Viagra, which is considered quite dangerous for the heart rhythm throughout the world. We will only talk about natural supplements, which will appease your potency issues without causing any side effects.


That’s what you need!

However, choosing and purchasing one of such products is much more challenging.

They are not available at local pharmacies, and their effectiveness is not confirmed by clinical studies.

Thus, you will have to research and probe into the subject. After all, your sexual health is on the line. You can’t afford to do anything wrong.

This article will give you answers to the following questions:

  1. What kinds of male enhancement pills are sold on Amazon? Is it reasonable to buy them?
  2. How to tell an effective medication from an ineffective one using the Amazon tools?
  3. How to find the necessary product among thousands of identical offers?
  4. What official product information is available and what warranty do buyers receive?
  5. What kinds of sexual boosting tablets are available on Amazon? Are they worth your attention?

Amazon is believed to be a tried-and-true marketplace, where you can buy absolutely anything, including premature ejaculation, sperm volume and sexual boosting tablets. You can find absolutely all existing brands on the retail giant’s website. Their number can make your head spin. Amazon sells certified goods, but what does it mean for the end consumer?

Will the purchased product be useful, given that no one undertakes to guarantee the final result of treatment?

You are only guaranteed the safety of the ingredients that have defined properties and influence the male libido.

The following phrase stated on each product’s page on Amazon should be your point of orientation:

Legal Disclaimer


As well as this modest phrase in the Important Information section:


In fact, all this exonerates the marketplace from any responsibility for the accuracy of the provided information about the product and its effectiveness. Of course, Amazon is guided by the fundamental principles of admitting goods for online sale. The retailer does not get to the bottom of the product’s features that may be of critical importance for you.

Is it worth buying such treatments?

You should only purchase them with extreme caution. It may be not enough to guide your choice only by the information provided directly on the product’s page.

2) How to tell an effective pill from an ineffective one on the Amazon website?
Undoubtedly, the primary factor determining the effectiveness of a tableted medication is a sufficient number of plausible customer reviews. However, similarly to the artificial driving-up of the number of likes and comments on social networking sites, there are dedicated web-services with tens of thousands of members who make a living by writing fake reviews. Despite Amazon’s verification procedures, there’s no way to get rid of this phenomenon entirely, as it’s impossible to track every fake user and their fake comments. After all, they are all written by real people. Each comment on Amazon even features the Abuse link where you can report the comment.


Examining the comments, you should build your opinion on the following:

  • A favorite product always has a lot of feedback: hundreds and thousands of customer reviews;
  • There should always be negative and positive comments;
  • Comments are often particular; consider such stories attentively as they are hard to come up with;
  • Pay attention to the dynamics of comments. A product that sells well receives new comments frequently;
  • The ratings given to the product should be realistic. If over 80% of customers give it five stars, it’s likely a fake;
  • If any comment does not seem credible to you, be sure to check out the commenter’s profile;
  • Pay attention to the commenter’s rating. The badges allow you to trust the commenter to a certain extent. You can read more about badges here:
  • Always pay attention to the Questions & Answers section. If there is a lot of significant issues and answers from different users, then the product is worth your attention;
  • Check out the seller’s profile on Amazon as well; pay attention to their rating.


3) How to find the best male enhancing pill among thousands of offers?

Searching for any goods on Amazon is a standard procedure: you enter a search phrase (for example, “male sex enhancer”) and sort the products the website shows you. We are interested in finding products from a niche where customer feedback plays a significant role. Therefore, we should sort the search results by Avg. Customer Reviews. To be able to see the whole picture, we should also disable the Adult Filter. All other search settings are very individual. Prices can vary significantly by product. Rely on the ratings but expect the price for conventional products to be higher.


4) All the goods sold on Amazon are safe for the buyer regarding Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with the purchased tablets, you can always file a complaint to Amazon and get a refund within 30 days. That’s all very fine, but what if your primary goal is to avoid wasting time on ineffective pills and creams? You want to buy a product that will enhance your potency.

Sellers in the penile improvement niche promise a lot to their customers. However, these promises may be untrue, unambiguous, very inaccurate, non-specific, etc. In fact, they can promise anything to you! And even if their product does no harm to your health, it may fail to meet your expectations.

It’s necessary to understand that real promises should be backed up by actions. In our case, by feedback and medical recommendations. Therefore, you should primarily be interested in customer reviews, not only on the Amazon website but also on thematic forums. The review sites should not be the starting point of your decision to buy an individual product. Remember, any analysis should be based on facts, which is often very difficult to control. In the niche of male enlargement supplements, medical studies have confirmed: There are no tried-and-tested tablets that will surely magnify any man’s sexual desire and improve his erection.

PRIVATE LABEL and Chinese suppliers


You will likely be surprised by the vast variety of products for male enhancement available on Amazon. Everything is simple, though: one brand of tablets often becomes the basis for hundreds of new products. Then the new pill can be released under a new brand with the use of the same formula. Such a scheme is not prohibited. It is called private labeling. The mechanism is well-developed in China, India and some other Asian countries. Pay attention to the place of manufacture of the product. Keep in mind; you need to find an original supplement with a patented formula. Ideally, it should be a product produced in the US, Europe, Australia or Canada. It may cost more, but you can be sure it’s original and high-quality.

What exactly do you need to know about the sex enhancement niche to avoid useless purchases? Major brands and innovative products are most often sold at their similar official sites, which feature a lot of medical information and published studies. You can often contact the seller using a direct telephone number; you’re usually provided official return guarantees that can be much more favorable. For example, the official website of Vig Rx Plus sells the product with a 67-day warranty, and you purchase the treatment directly from the manufacturer. You can read reviews on Amazon, but it’s better to buy from the official manufacturer, Leading Edge Health. The company values its reputation and offers many other products that may be of interest to you: pills for increasing the sperm volume, for penis enlargement, and much more.

So, here is the recommended algorithm of the buyer’s actions when they need a potency improvement product:
1. Research the product’s ratings, including on Amazon;
2. Search for the product on the Amazon website and sort the results by customer reviews;
3. Read the questions and answers about the product on Google Answers, Yahoo Answers, etc.
4. Go to the major potency enhancement forums and look for a product that many forum frequenters use;
5. Find the product’s official website and make the purchase from it;
6. If the pill is of high quality, you can safely buy related products from the official manufacturer. For example, your next purchase may be tablets for increasing the volume of sperm or for preventing premature ejaculation. Potency problems are usually accompanied by additional issues that also need to be addressed.
Hopefully, this article will help you to make sensible purchases using the information available at large marketplaces.

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