Every year, the pharmaceutical market offers us new enhanced medical products, and nowadays increasing attention is paid to a new generation of oral substances that increases growth hormone production. Capromorelin manufactured by Phizer is one of such oral products that can add 2 kg extra of lean body mass for those who are over 65 and improve their strength, coordination and balance in a year.

Growth hormone is an effective hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration. The only minus of such a hormone is that it disappears quickly from the body, and people who feel the lack of it should inject the hormone once or several times per days that is quiet annoying.
However medical experts state that a human body has receptors that perceive proteins stimulating our organism to produce more growth hormone. Let’s consider an obvious case. When a person is hungry, his/her organism produces the hunger hormone called ghrelin that interacts with the GHS-1alpha receptor. When stimulating this receptor, the pituitary produces more growth hormone.

And Capromorelin also interacts with such a GHS-1alpha receptor. Within a treatment trial, Capromorelin was prescribed for 314 patients aged over 65, and another 81 aged over 65 were given a placebo. 2 months of the trial showed that the growth hormone caused that IGF-1 was released in the muscle cells and liver.
So, the research has proved that the growth hormone gives its muscle-building effect via IGF-1 that is related with GH boosters. And the effect of the product on the IGF-1 level lasts for a year. It is recommended to use Capromorelin 2 times 3 mg/day.

In six months, the patients who took the recommended dose of the drugs (3 mg / twice a day) gained 1.4 kg of lean body mass in average, and twelve months showed 2.5 kg increase. Their overall condition was improved. The patients were better able to walk in a straight line and climb stairs. But within the treatment trial, they did not do any exercises, so there are no evidences of how Capromorelin can influence bodybuilders.
The patients felt no serious side effects; except it was more difficult to fall asleep and bigger appetite was observed. Though Capromorelin did help them lose a small amount of fat.
As aging is not a disease, major medical regulatory bodies have not approved Capromorelin. But we have a lot of other oral GH boosters…

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